July 2015

River world haiku

The sun has risenFlower petals open up…a glorious day. Stretch to the blue skymaybe you’ll reach, maybe not,try with all your might. Clusters of daisies,little bright rays of sunshinegrow from the soft ground. lavender and greenprickly orange centers,lovely cone flowers. Paint-splattered centerof flower shaped like trumpets:horticulture’s song. Magical orangeof dramatic marigoldsarranged in baskets. Delicate purpleof …

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summertime in river world (a tribute to Doctor Seuss)

Summertime and all is green and bright.When bees and fish and mice are dancing and singing all night.  What do you do in summer?It’s for sure never a bummer.You could look for a catwearing a super tall hator you could play with a chicken.A chicken named Rickin.“Rickin?” you say. “But Rickin is a silly name …

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