River world haiku

The sun has risen
Flower petals open up…
a glorious day.

Stretch to the blue sky
maybe you’ll reach, maybe not,
try with all your might.

Clusters of daisies,
little bright rays of sunshine
grow from the soft ground.

lavender and green
prickly orange centers,
lovely cone flowers.

Paint-splattered center
of flower shaped like trumpets:
horticulture’s song.

Magical orange
of dramatic marigolds
arranged in baskets.

Delicate purple
of itty bitty flowers
growing on a stem.

Bright Rose of Sharon
set off by vivid green leaves
on a sunny day.

Wascally wabbit
going to gardens for snacks?
“Where is my carrot?”
Line up of boats
waiting to be steered away.
Niagara River.

Geese gather in groups
for an early morning date,
they cackle and honk.

A view of the dock
of the blue sky and water,
a mid-summer’s day.

The sunflower’s face
looking toward the yellow sun
with petals outstretched.

Soft yellow roses
protected by sharp, sharp thorns,
grows near river world.

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