Restaurant review! Taj Grill!

Yesterday, Jean and I went to eat Indian food at the Taj Grill. It is located in the City of Buffalo, at 2290 Delaware Avenue. It is a small strip mall that was recently developed. 

This is north Buffalo. If you like to eat a variety of foods, this is the place to go. Not far from this strip mall is Hertel Avenue, with a plethora of restaurants. You can enjoy Palestinian food, Italian food, Thai food, and much more. You can eat in a casual setting or in a very formal setting. On one long street in Buffalo, you can explore the world via its food.

At the Taj Grill, Jean and I were able to make our selections of food at the luncheon buffet. I enjoyed arranging the food on my plate, and, of course, I also enjoyed eating the food! Since I am a newbie at eating Indian food, I had to write down the names of everything that I chose so that I would remember what they were. I had chicken tandoori, chicken meatball xacutti (spicy chicken curry), chana bhatura (garbanzo beans in an onion and tomato curry sauce), fresh cut beans with potatoes, idli (a savory South Indian cake), and basmati rice.  According to the menu, the chicken tandoori is “marinated in yogurt and fresh ground herbs and spices and baked in a clay oven.” The menu also describes the oven: “Tandoor is a traditional Indian clay oven fired by charcoal in which food is baked.” I also had a piece of naan, which is an Indian flat bread. That bread is also baked in a tandoor clay oven.

Yummy. It was an interesting, and delicious, combination of foods, with varying textures and flavors.

This lovely gem was sitting on the bar. The restaurant was comfortably cool. The noise level was reasonable. Music was playing at a moderate level, and it was easy to carry on a conversation.

This lovely dessert was also available at the buffet. It consists of kheer (rice pudding) and a mango custard. The dessert was sweet and very light. 

Lunch was delightful. For just a little more than ten dollars each, we had plenty of delicious food. If you find yourself in Buffalo, this is a great place to visit to enjoy a great variety of food.

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  1. Ohh I miss Indian food!! I live in a small town in Colombia and there is very little variety here in the way of food but I'm moving to a city with a couple million people in it next week and I can definitely find a lot of different ethnic foods there. I cant wait! Hopefully I can find a good Indian spot.

  2. Thistles always have such vibrant colors and these certainly do. Such a beautiful day! Thank you for letting us join you.

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