Z is for ZaniLa Rhyme

or “help! a poet has taken over my brain!”

It’s spring!!! At last, I can enjoy it, now that I am officially COVID-free!!

ZaNila Rhyme is a modern poetic form created by Laura LaMarcha. It features at least three quatrain stanzas with a specific rhyme scheme and syllable count. I think that I will title it “What creates the bad in a bad dream?”

Who is the monster in my nightmare?
Why does it look just like me?
A me with strange, frightening features
Another me squirming to be free.

Is my imagination my friend?
Why does it create such stuff
that makes me squirm and squeal with terror,
as if my brain were calling my bluff?

Or maybe it’s just something I ate,
overcooked or maybe raw
that has addled my very small brain.
A bad ingredient in cole slaw?

What creates the bad in a bad dream?
Or is it another look at me
the side of me always kept hidden
but, in dread dreams, screams to be let free.

Thank you to everyone who followed me during these two challenges that I completed this month (the April A to Z challenge and the Ultimate Blogging Challenge). Stay tuned for my May Art Challenge, which is all about gouache paint!

10 thoughts on “Z is for ZaniLa Rhyme”

    1. Thank you, Arlee, for founding this challenge. I look forward to it every year. I really wasn’t planning on making poetry my theme, but life changes unexpectedly. I really appreciate your coming to visit and to read my poems!

  1. Lovely! You have the knack to weave words into a poem. I wish I can write poems again.

    Glad to meet you in the UBC Challenge.

  2. An interesting, fun and kind of scary view of dreams. They are odd, aren’t they? Congrats again, on finishing the challenges – especially with having physical ones this past month too.

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