Yesterday, I was given a name

storytime with Berry Bear (guest blogger)

Yesterday, I was just your typical bear in a strange city. I was anonymous and alone. I longed for a name of my own. As I reflected on my lack of any real identity, along came a human named Alice. I looked at her, and she smiled. She seemed to know who she was. I felt sad because I didn’t know who I was. She introduced herself, which is how I know that her name is Alice. It was then that I noticed that she was carrying art supplies. Therefore, Alice is an artist. ArtistAlice. But who am I? Maybe the ArtistAlice would tell me.
“May I paint your portrait,” asked Alice.
“Sure,” I said. “Can I have a name? No one ever gave me a name.”
“Well, I’m not good at that,” said Alice. “But I think that I know of someone who is.”
So Alice painted my portrait, which is what you see above. And she shared my portrait with lots of people, including a girl named Lia, who also painted my portrait. Then Lia picked strawberries, which looked really delicious. Alice thought that they looked delicious, too. All of a sudden, Alice had become the Bear Lady because of her fondness for painting portraits of bears, and I got a new name, too. My new name was connected to Lia’s love for picking strawberries. The Bear Lady said that she loves to pick strawberries, too, but that in her part of the world, strawberries had barely started growing. She saw a picture of Lia smiling while carrying a bucket of strawberries. The Bear Lady told me that she looked out the window at that very moment and saw a snowfall. I saw it, too, and I wondered who woke me out of a very Happy Hibernation. The Bear Lady said that the only thing that she was likely to pick were snowflakes but she wasn’t sure how to do that, and she was awfully sleepy, so she caught a few Zs, instead of catching snowflakes.
The Bear Lady was very sleepy and cold so she had to stay inside and draw pictures of other Bears and look at the fun bears that she painted in the past. This portrait of a girl with her Bear Friend was made in oil paint.
Meet the Little Drummer Bear! The Bear Lady drew him on a wintry day before Christmas.
All of us bears like honey, so we now have a guide to lead us to that delectable treat.
And, after a good Honey Hunt, we get tired so we settle in to listen to music.

Look for more stories to come from Berry Bear, who promises to be a guest blogger on occasion! He is planning all sorts of fun adventures and can’t wait to tell you more about them. He thanks Lia and her great grandmother Martha for all of their attention to him and to the Bear Lady. “See you later,” says Berry Bear, as he waves bye bye.

Is the April A to Z challenge really about to end??? Um. Stay tomorrow for Z and for a sneak peek that takes us to the fun of a May art challenge!

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  1. OMG I love Berry Bear’s blog! I just showed Lia and she was happy you liked the name Berry! Now when your strawberries are ready to pick, you’ll have to take Berry with you! Thanks for the fun time with Berry, Alice!

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