What poetry hath done unto me

By Namratha Varadharajan

stumbled into poetry. 
In fact, I stumbled into writing. I
ventured into this world of words to gain some hands on knowledge on Digital
marketing. Instead, I fell in love with writing. Somewhere along the way, I
just found it in tune with myself to write in verse. And every time I rhymed,
wrote a poem, I loved it just a little more. Today, I would like to share with
you a few ‘snippets’ about ‘poetry and me’ from a newbie poet-in-the-making

A new lens

changing colours
a green leaf
first spring breath
is shined
to glow
incessant monsoon
dons an
autumnal rust
for a
dance in the wind
falls down
under the cold
buried in the ground
for tree.
I was blind. Before. I saw everything but
did not really see anything. Maybe, I just saw it in a different way. How
beautiful the world looks through a poet’s eyes! How much more is there to see!
I notice the swirls in the rose, seemingly arranged hapazardly but then, it is
perfection. I observe how each season is ushered in by a change in the wind and
all the living creatures of the world move in tune with these changes. All, except
one. Us, who seem to be moving in stark contrast to the rest of the world:
occupying more than is ours, polluting, destroying without regret or even being
conscious about it.

A record.

Hold on
rise and fall of your breathe
the soft glow of the night
me hold mine
if I exhale
moment will be broken
the world will move on.
Poetry has helped me take stock of the
world. Be more mindful. Along the way, I discovered the haiku, which usually is
a record of an ‘instant’ or one 
‘occurrence’ in nature. But, for me, it helped me experience moments in
their entirety. To quote an example: a moment with my new born son, stood
still, filling up my soul. But, that put into words, in a poem, made it a
memory I can revisit, as and when I pleased.

effect change:

palm on my lips
palm on my lips
don’t need it
I choose
to be silent
if I will.
At the core of my being, I believe poetry
should be used to make an impact change. One cause close to my heart is
equalism: to create a world where every woman, man, child, of all races,
castes, sects, colours, sexual orientation have the same rights and freedoms. I
would love to write impactful poetry to effect the changes that this world
urgently needs, or rather needed yesterday.

writing Poetry but for whom?

Painting visions in the air
drop down on me
in a
torrential downpour of ideas
won’t stay bottled in
seep through the cork
onto the paper
when there are no eyes to see.
I would be lying if I said I didn’t want
readers. I do. Every writer does. Is it marketable? I don’t know yet. I am too
new in the field. A noticable trend in poetic circles is that there are a
select few who write, read and appreciate poetry. It is disheartening to say
the least. Fiction or non-fiction have their set of takers. However, poetry is
at best viewed as something beyond the common ‘man’, and mostly its existence
is just ignored or forgotten. But, by a few. Correct me if I am wrong.
In fact, the last time I had rubbed
shoulders with poetry was all the way back in school. Until I stumbled into its
loving arms. Here is a wish for the world, that more people start reading and
inculcating poetry into their lives. For it touches you, enriches you from within in
ways no other type of literature can.

Namratha Varadharajan is blogger-in-chief at namysaysso.com. She
co-hosts two blog-hops #WordSante
and #MicroMondays. She is yet to
define herself under any one type of literature or genre. She currently dabbles
in poetry, flash fiction, and day-to-day musings and enjoys them all. 
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12 thoughts on “What poetry hath done unto me”

  1. Namratha you have the way with words for sure. The words seem to flow spontaneously, as in the cascade narrating the emotions felt by the heart.
    I loved, "effect change". Its so empowering! Keep penning them, let it flow and drench us in the wonderful thoughts.

  2. Beautiful Namy! My fav were these line….
    Painting visions in the air
    words drop down on me
    in a torrential downpour of ideas
    that won’t stay bottled in
    will seep through the cork
    splash onto the paper
    painting visions
    even when there are no eyes to see.

    As I told you earlier, your poets connect to everyone!

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