The Clay Cafe

Today, I went to the Clay Cafe, which is located in the Grand Island Plaza, to paint pottery. During their open studio hours, which are Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., anyone can come and paint pottery. You buy a pottery piece. In the photograph above are some of the pottery pieces that are available. Below, there are cookie jars! They are big!  You buy the object that you are going to paint and you pay a painting fee. The painting fee is per object that you paint. For adults, the fee is $6 and, for children, the fee is $4.

The Clay Cafe also offers clay classes. Those are available for groups and they must be scheduled in advance. Another service available is a birthday party package. The maximum size group that can be accommodated is 20.

The Clay Cafe is a very colorful, attractive small business.

Pottery is displayed everywhere. 

Peacock preening his feathers.

Today, I chose to paint a small plate. 

I could choose my glazes from a variety of colors.

There are several tables at the Clay Cafe, and a cup full of paintbrushes is available at each table.

I started painting my plate.

This is fun!!!

This is the completed (for now) project.

What’s a plate without a matching cup? I chose to paint a cup to go with the plate.

Here is my set!

This is the cup. I left both plate and cup at the Clay Cafe. They will be fired in the kiln and will be ready for me to pick up some time next week.

Painting pottery was a fun way to spend an afternoon. If you are in Grand Island or near Grand Island, you might want to come to the Clay Cafe, located in the Grand Island Plaza on Grand Island Boulevard, near Baseline Road, to paint. The address is 2413 Grand Island Boulevard. Bring the kids! They will enjoy it, too.

I will post a picture of the plate and cup after I bring them home! Stay tuned!

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  1. I'm not sure there is a business like that where I live in the Binghamton area anymore. Back in the 1970's I painted a few pieces at the local Air Force base when my husband was in the Air Force. It was a lot of fun. I still have a couple of them. Your post brought back memories-thank you.

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