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Today, a fun suggestion for a blog post came from Paul Taubman. It was to make a list of five top blogs or websites to share. Since I have been doing a lot of cooking with those delicious fresh ingredients that I find at farmers markets and from the Becker Farms CSA, I have spent a lot of time online, looking for interesting recipes. Here are five websites, dedicated to making the internet a better cookbook.

Here they are (in no particular order):

Taste of Home. This is the website that goes with the magazine, “Taste of Home.” The monthly magazine is always full of lovely recipes, and this website is, as well. The website offers recipes, contests, suggestions for dinner parties, and much more. Recipes that I’ve found here have included vegetarian split pea soup, cold strawberry soup, and meatless lentil soup. Here is a link to the website: link to the Taste of Home home page

I Love Vegan. If you are interested in exploring a vegan diet, this is a great website. It includes recipes and information about all things vegan. One recipe that I’ve used from this website was teriyaki peanut tofu stir fry with brown rice and vegetables. Here is a link to the website: the I Love Vegan home page

All Recipes offers a variety of great recipes, including that delicious bean soup with kale that I found last Friday. There are recipes in every category. It has a few too many popup ads, however. That aspect could definitely be toned down. Once you get to a specific recipe, the popups aren’t such a problem. Here is the link to the website: All Recipes home page

Katie’s Cucina is Katie Jasiewicz’s food-oriented blog. She is a home cook, food blogger, and recipe developer. I found a wonderful recipe for blueberry quick bread at this website. I brought the bread to coffee hour at church yesterday, and most of it was finished! Here is the link to the website: katie’s cucina home page

Recipe Land offers a different way for you to look for recipes. You type in a box an ingredient that you want to use.

You are then led to another page, with a list of recipes that include that ingredient. You also can go to another box and type in ingredients that you wish to exclude from your recipe search. So, for example, I typed in “kale.” With no exclusions, I got 122 ingredients. I then asked for “cilantro” to be excluded. Then I got 119 ingredients to be excluded. I then excluded “bacon.” That took it down to 114 recipes. You can continue, as long as you like, to exclude ingredients as a way of refining your search for the right recipe. Here is a link to that website: 
link to recipe land search for that ideal dish

Today’s question: What are some of your favorite cooking websites? What recipes would you recommend?

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    My recipes are on my computer, tablet, phone, and server. And, there are codes (not for me- for my kids) so that my son (who is not yet a chef 🙂 ) can use the "easy" recipes, my middle daughter can choose the has great leftovers and my eldest can choose the one that satisfied kids and adults…

  2. Most of my recipes are family ones from my grandmother and mother. I also like to come up with my own recipes by trial and error. I do like All Recipes though, I'll check out the others you listed.

  3. I sometimes use All Recipes but many times, I just Google whatever the food is and let the chips fall (I do try to vet the website, especially if it is a blog). My husband, who is the family cook, is old-school and uses Cooks Illustrated Magazine (we have issues going back years) plus the zillion hard copy cookbooks I've bought him over the years.

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