Roadside gardens and AMA Day

It’s AMA Day!  And it’s also Roadside Garden Day! I bet you’re wondering… what’s an AMA Day? Well, I’ll tell you…

It’s “Ask Me Anything” Day!

In the comments section below, ask me any question that you like, and, later this week, I will answer the questions. I may also use some of the ideas from questions for upcoming blog posts, so… stay tuned.

Now, I bet that you’re also wondering… what is a Roadside Garden Day and who make that declaration? Did someone declare Saturday, July 15th, to be “Roadside Garden Day”?

Come to think of it, was it necessary to declare “Ask Me Anything day?” I did this little quiz thingie on Facebook recently. It was an easy quiz. I just needed to say my birthday and I found out what celebration occurred on that day. My birthday is also known as National Chocolate Milk Day (yummy).

Since we can celebrate chocolate milk with its own special day, why not have a Roadside Garden Day? I couldn’t wait around for Congress to act so I declared it myself. It’s Roadside Garden Day!  I didn’t, however, declare “Ask Me Anything Day.” That honor goes to Paul Taubman, who, with Danni Ackerman, runs the Ultimate Blogging Challenge that I enjoy so much four months in the year.

I got the idea to declare today to be Roadside Garden Day because I went to a garden walk last week that celebrated gardens and cultivating the soil for aesthetic effects. As I was walking today, I stopped to take pictures of the wild flowers. I realized that many of them would be considered to be weeds if they were growing in someone’s garden. I would be called upon to eradicate them. And eradicate I would do with great gusto. In the setting of a roadside ditch or along a creek, the native wild flowers are not weeds; they are necessary to the ecosystem. They attract pollinators, which we need for the apple and pear trees. 

So… why not celebrate Roadside Garden Day?

Please park your ask me anything questions below in the comments section below!!!

1 thought on “Roadside gardens and AMA Day”

  1. Hi, Alice.
    That FB quiz sounds interesting.
    My birthday is Sunglasses Day because my "future's so bright, I gotta wear shades".
    Anyway, Let's see about a few questions…
    Why (When) did you start the Ultimate Blogging Challenge?
    How long have you been blogging?
    What's your favorite flower? tree?

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