The Grand Island Independence Day parade

The Independence Day Parade is a huge deal here in Grand Island, New York. It features a wide variety of people, organizations, and interests. There are musicians and dancers and people who drive old cars. There are police on parade and fire trucks and marching firefighters. There are girls who throw batons in the air and, most of the time, catch them. And there’s the audience. People sitting on lawn chairs, little kids scrambling to get candy thrown by the parade participants. There are candidates for public office and people sitting on floats, pretending to order food at their favorite restaurant.

We don’t always agree with one another here on Grand Island, but we get together on Independence Day and have fun. We enjoy one another’s company and the summer sunshine. It’s really a great event, in which we can remember that life is good and that we can just celebrate one another. Below are some of the images.’

4 thoughts on “The Grand Island Independence Day parade”

  1. Wow! That is some parage! And it looks like there was a good spectator crowd out to enjoy it all! I used to do things like run races, but not anymore! It is more fun to relax and enjoy the fruits of the efforts of others 🙂

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