… and the sky is colorful. But was the vivid color of the sun a good thing? Well, apparently, a few weeks ago, the bright orange ball in the sky that was the setting sun was actually that vivid because of smoke from wildfires in Canada. As I was out walking, shortly before sunset, I could smell fire. I actually looked for the fire with no success. Later on, I heard the news about the wildfires and how the smoke was drifting. First, it came from the north and, later, it came from the midwest.

I was checking online just now, and I saw that light rays hitting particles in the sky causes the vividness of the sunset. That doesn’t sound very romantic, does it? But it’s science. Here’s a quote from, “When the sky is the desirable bright red we so love in sunsets, it’s an indication the atmosphere is full of moisture and dust particles. ” Dust, moisture, and rays of light. That’s all it takes for the sky to be painted with lovely colors. When we humans try to reproduce that as paintings, it’s so much effort and, often, there’s so much angst involved!

The summertime sky at night is special because the sun sets so late. It’s warm and it’s a good time to be outside, enjoying the frresh air, as well as the beautiful colors. Because now, the air quality has improved, it seems especially wonderful to enjoy fresh air and the moon, which was full just yesterday.

It’s a good time for storytelling. So… our friend Boo Boo Bear, who has been on many adventures, loves to hear a good story. He will travel to any place to hear those stories. As you can see, from the picture below, Boo Boo Bear is sitting with the moon, who is telling him the legend of the how the sun, moon, and stars used to be friends and very close with one another. But the moon and stars tried to shine when the sun was high in the sky. The sun, who was a bit of a prima donna. told the moon and the stars to go away.

“It’s my time to glow,” said the sun. “I am the Queen here. You are mere peons.”

The moon and the stars chatted amongst each other, and they agreed that they did not like being called peons. They decided to travel and seek out new adventures. The stars, who were brothers and sisters of the sun, traveled far away and, there, they found the spaces where they could rule. It is said that there are many planets in far flung places, but the moon never knew any of them.

“I am tied to the earth,” said the moon. “I dance around the earth and the earth keeps me from drifting off. Usually, you can only see me when the sun shines for the humans on the other side of the earth. But sometimes, I peek in, and you can see me.”

“Oh,” said the little bear. I wish that I could see you more often and feel your effects more often.”

“Dance in the tide,” said the moon. “I will be there, smiling at you.”

And Boo Boo Bear was back on the earth, rolling in the tidewater and waving at the moon. Boo Boo Bear looked up and thought that the moon waved back.

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