The fairy, the girl, and the moon

The fairy and the moon

There was once a fairy who lived on the earth. The humans around her barely noticed her presence because they said that fairies weren’t real. They went about their daily business, working at jobs that they did not love and shopping for food that they did not like. The jobs that they did not love did not pay them enough to buy food that filled then with delicious joy. Every day, they walked past the fairy as if she didn’t exist, which made her feel very sad.

One day, a small girl started to walk past the fairy, but, abruptly, she stopped and looked into the fairy’s eyes. The girl smiled enigmatically when her parents told her that no one was there. She knew that the fairy was there and that the fairy needed fairy dust to fly free. The girl tried to find fairy dust one morning but she had to go to school. The teacher talked about adding five and two and then the teacher made some odd noises. Someone said that the noises were the sounds of the word. But the girl couldn’t hear anything but noises. She looked out the window of the schoolhouse and saw fairy dust. She wanted to go straight out to catch the fairy dust but she had to listen to more noises and then add two plus seven and some other sums.

At recess, the girl went outside and tried to catch the fairy dust. No one understood what she was doing. The teachers didn’t know, nor did the other children. They called her names and told her that she wasn’t very smart. The girl smiled enigmatically as she caught a cupful of fairy dust.

Later in the day, the girl gave the fairy dust to the fairy. She smiled peacefully.

“Thank you for my freedom,” said the fairy to the girl. After the fairy sprinkled fairy dust on the girl, she flew away until she reached the crescent moon. The girl could see clearly as the fairy sat on the crescent moon. Then the fairy beckoned to the girl, and she flew straight to the moon. And she sat in the sky, on an asteroid near the glittery stars, and smiled enigmatically at the earth.

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