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Early every year, I try to choose a word for the year. Sometimes, I remember the word for the whole year, but, quite often, I forget. This year, I will make every effort to try to remember by posting monthly here my thoughts on that word. This year’s word is something that means a great deal to me because I truly need it, and I suspect that you do, too. The word is…


How is it possible to heal or even to think about healing after the devastation of 2022? Mass shootings and wars dominated the news. Each act of violence seemed more horrific than the last. The fabric of our world feels as if it has been ripped, painfully. We feel every rip of that fabric within our core. We don’t know how to make it stop, how to create a new world from the rubble. And not knowing means that healing can’t be forced. It has to be something that happens over the course of time, with the rising and the setting of the sun and with the change of seasons. It will be slow but it can be done through…

our own creativity

the flames of hope and healing may flicker, but they don’t die.

Whether you draw, paint, write poems, tell stories, sing, dance… the choice of creative expression is yours. It’s your story, whether you want to keep it private or whether you want to share it.

What is your word for 2023?

7 thoughts on “My word for 2023”

  1. I think a good word for 2023 is courage. After reflecting on the devastating events of 2022, we need to work together to heal and restore our world for the better. To do that, we all need a little extra courage. Courage can be found in the small acts of kindness we share with those around us, our creative efforts to express ourselves, and our determination to push forward no matter what.

    I’m looking forward to a year of healing, hope and courage! 🙂

    Let’s support each other as we work together to improve this world!

    1. I agree, Paul. I think that, when we leave our comfort zones and face our fears, we are being so courageous. It is frightening to contemplate but is can happen. To get our world back and to restore hope, I think that we need to do all of those things that you mentioned above. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment.

  2. Hi Alice,
    This is the second prompt I received to choose a word for the year.
    I have chosen a meaningful word in other years but I usually forget it long before the year is over.
    I have started thinking about what I would like for this year. I like your Healing thought and might add forgiveness.

  3. I think my word for the year is DREAM. In a way, it relates to my plans for the coming year. I dream that I will achieve my plans for 2023. Do dreams come true? I am hoping that most of mine will.

  4. This is the second post I read about the word of the year. I am going with BALANCE. I love the idea of healing – and your wish for the planet and her people.

    Much love –


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