The 52 week photography project: simple background

For week 26 of the 52-week photography project, my goal was to simplify the background so that the subject of the photograph stood out. For this, I took pictures in in rural settings, where I found few distracting elements in the background. Here are a few of the images:

Corn field. Grand Island, New York.

Rural Niagara County, New York.

Corn field in rural Niagara County, New York

Next week: Come back for the next installment of the 52 week photography project.

5 thoughts on “The 52 week photography project: simple background”

  1. That's an interesting project, Alice! I have never been to your blog before and these photographs make me want to visit again 🙂

  2. Interesting project and sounds like fun too, to come up with creative ideas every week. Do you capture new places every time?

  3. Lovely pictures, Alice. I bet you're learning a lot with this photography project. Whenever I think of New York, I think city. I often forget that New York has some very lovely rural parts to it. #blogboost

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