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Today is comments and conversation day! A few days ago, I invited people to ask any question of me that they wanted. I got one response, from Sara Beth, with a list of questions:

She asked: Why (When) did you start the Ultimate Blogging Challenge?

The first time that I participated in the Ultimate Blogging Challenge was in October 2014. I joined the challenge out of curiosity. I had no idea of what a blogging challenge could be. Why not try, I thought. So I did. Since then, I haven’t missed a challenge, and, in fact, really look forward to the challenge. I’ve gotten many more readers since I started doing this challenge.

How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging in 2006, so about eleven years.

What’s your favorite flower? tree? 

My favorite flower is the portulaca because it’s so delicate and colorful and it spreads. 

My favorite tree is the white pine. It grows tall and straight. It has long needles in groups of five and is just a really attractive tree.

Now for conversation from yesterday’s post about the secrets of a long life. If you want to check out that blog post, you can find it here: link to The Secrets to a Long and Happy Life

Alana said: They say attitude is everything, and when I think of my
husband’s aunt, who is 105, I remember a woman who always has had a great zest
for life, lots of curiosity, and a love of learning. She never even had to take
any medication until she was almost 101. I enjoyed reading about Mrs. Raleigh.

I can well imagine that your husband’s aunt has some great stories. She sounds like a great lady with a wonderful attitude and a great love of life. 

Martha deMeo said: Paul sounds like he was an amazing man! My mother-in-law
will be 100 in September and her sister lived until 103. Mom’s mind is so
sharp, still does her own banking plus keeps up with the cleaning, laundry and
cooking. We finally talked her into moving into independent living and will be
moving her next week. She will now have elevators which stairs have been her
only downfall since she has trouble walking. She always says age is just a

I agree. Age really is just a number. It’s all about attitude and being engaged in life and your mother in law sounds like someone who engages life with real zest.

SaraBeth said: Hi, Alice. What a treasure to have known these great gems in
your life. Humor and not worrying about everything is probably the key to long
life. Eating well and exercise and just plain enjoying each day and the people
around you is another one.

Thanks for sharing these memories, made me smile.
Hi SaraBeth. Yes, I have been very fortunate to have known these gems. They have definitely enriched my life with their delightful personalities and their cheerful outlooks. And your response made me smile. Thank you for visiting!

M. Hickey said: Thank you for sharing . . . I think not taking myself too
seriously is key for me 🙂 along with good food, good relationships and
exercise. It’s interesting how everyone’s life is so different and can be such
an adventure if you let it!

That reminds me of my painting class. We are all given one type of image to paint. It could be a flower or a seascape or a landscape or a portrait or something else. After we make the paintings, we are amazed by how differently everyone interpreted the theme. There is no two paintings that are alike. So it is with lives, as you pointed out. We all get a number of years to fill up and make a life, and everyone comes up with a different adventure. And, of course, good food, good relationships, and exercise make all lives that much more complete. said: I’m pretty sure most of us would be really satisfied with a
happy life. Because life is always too short for it not to be so.

Yes, exactly. For each person, happiness takes on a different meaning, but, yes, happiness is everything.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit and to comment and to ask questions. Keep those comments coming! They are much appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Questions and comments day”

  1. Thanks for highlighting my response and answering my questions.
    That's a long time to blog and to participate in the challenge.
    I'm not sure what year I started following the challenge with Michelle Shaeffer, but I've participated a few times. (even hosted my own when I blogged about crochet)
    ^_^ #blogboost

  2. Cool post, I now know a bit more about you! I joined in the challenge in January 2016 and had know idea what I was getting into. But so glad I did because I've met so many wonderful bloggers who are now friends. Thanks for highlight my age blog also!

  3. Great post and beautiful flower. I enjoyed learning more about you and I have been blogging since 2006 as well and also have been in the challenge that look. In fact I am already looking forward to October. Have a Blessed day.

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