Ten random things about me

The suggested topic for today’s post in the Ultimate Blogging Challenge was to create a list. A whole bunch of lists were suggested, including “ten random things about me.” So… I chose that. Here are ten random things, in no particular order:

Here are enough garlics to scare away one little vampire.

1. Bad food is funny. I think that graphic descriptions of food that I would consider to be inedible are hilarious. The more wacky and outlandish the food, the funnier I think it is. Thus, chicken wings seem kind of normal. Hot and spicy… well, I probably wouldn’t go for it. But suicide wings. Now I am imagining chicken wings as weapons. Strange-looking medieval weapons with spikes that glisten with chicken wing sauce. And, since I hate all condiments, it’s easier to make the strange-looking medieval weapons more unpalatable and, hence, funnier with the addition of condiments. Preferably all of them, slathered on top of the suicide wings. Now the wings are both too hot to handle and slimy and smelly. 

2. My two favorite colors are purple and turquoise. I couldn’t decide on just one. Purple and turquoise look good together.

3. I can eat a lemon and smile. On the other hand, if I’m handed some endive lettuce or a cup of coffee or very strong dark chocolate, I will probably make a horrible face because I don’t like bitter flavors.

4. As a student at the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism, my career goal was to be a film critic. I have always loved going to the movies and I thought that getting paid to watch movies and write about them was a wise career move.

5. When I was in fourth grade, I decided that I wanted to be a cartoonist. I created a cartoon character named Brim. He was a boy who had a bowl haircut and who had all sorts of wild adventures. Oddly enough, he never had to do ordinary things, such as attend school.

6. The longest distance that I’ve walked in one day is about 24 miles (38.6 kilometers). It was very adventurous. The next day, I could barely move. Despite the pain, however, I was happy about my conquest.

7. I’ve had some very strange dreams about prisons and jails. In one of the dreams, I was arrested by the Bad Fashion Police and was sentenced to the Bad Fashion Jail, where I was forced to wear clashing stripes and plaids in double breasted polyester. In another dream, I was sent to prison without ever having been either arrested or tried in court. The prison that I was sent to was privately owned by a Reality TV producer. In fact, the entire prison experience was part of a Reality TV show. In one episode, the prisoners in this co-ed prison had to meet a Motorcycle Challenge. The selected prisoner had to ride along a course at top speed. Everything, of course, was filmed. The prisoner who was selected was a man. He hopped on the motorcycle and departed the premises. Apparently, by escaping, he did not win the million dollars at stake. I woke up.

8. I was in the chorus of three separate operas. They were Aida, Tosca, and Turandot. All of the performances were at Shea’s Buffalo, which is another famous building in downtown Buffalo. I discovered that opera is more fun as a participation sport than as a spectator sport. I got to run around the stage, wear a costume, and belt out a high C while on my knees. The villain in Tosca was rotten to the core. He was a liar, a tyrant, and he was a lecherous womanizer. He didn’t know enough about the woman that he chose as the object of his “affections.” She murdered him. When the actor signed my program, he added a bloody thumbprint. OK, fake blood, but still… 

9. Don’t take me on a roller coaster. You won’t be happy. Enough said here.

This is the lovely Zoe. Cats are awesome.

10. When I was in elementary school, stray cats followed me everywhere. I never knew why, where ever I walked, there was a group of cats following me. One of the cats came into the house and, a few days later, had a litter of kittens. We called the cat “Spooky.” Her kittens were adorable. Eventually, the cat and the kittens were given away. We had one cat and he didn’t really want any feline friends.

In the comments section below, feel free to share some random things about you.

10 thoughts on “Ten random things about me”

  1. Wow! You walked 24 miles? That's amazing! About your prison dreams: might seem simplistic, but I wonder if you feel trapped in any way in the life you have. Good journal question would be "who would you or what would your life become if you were let out of prison?" Btw, I thought I read in one of your blog posts that you have been to prison. Did you mean that you'd been to a prison? Sounds like you like to sing, too. Neat that you got to be in those operas. I used to want to be a singer when I grew up, and hoped to be like Donna Summer. When I took voice lessons, my teacher told me I better be happy singing like Karen Carpenter. Oddly enough, years later, I won a karaoke contest singing Karen's version of Superstar. "Long ago, and oh so far away…"

  2. Anamika Agnihotri

    I love such posts where one gets to know more about the real person behind the blogger's demeanour. 24 miles in a day sounds huge and I would like to know what perpetrated it. Being followed by stray cats could have been a case of past connections 😀 My brother is one such person with whom the stray dogs automatically become friendly all through his life leaving the rest of the family, including me, guessing what was wrong with him or was he the saviour of the stray dogs of the world?

  3. I like this post a lot. It's always nice to discover more about a person. Your two favorite colors are definitely something, especially wen put together :-). My favorite color is yellow and l tend to hum a lot, especially when l'm happy..which is quite often.

  4. 1. I have trouble tasting food so I find bad food exciting. I think to myself, "Wow, that tasted horrible. Wait I could taste that."
    2. Favorite color(s)- My favorite colors are green, brown and beige. I like earth colors.
    3. Eating lemons – did that as a child but I prefer lemon juice to eating a lemon
    4. career goal – I never did figure that one out
    5. fourth grade career goal – didn't have one
    6. longest distance walked in a day – I walked around Grand Island. The trip around the island is 20.2 miles but I have to get to the path and then back home so I expect that it was more like 26 miles. When I was done, I really had to visit the bathroom.
    7. strangest dream – When I was a child, I dreamed that I was Vietnamese and American soldiers were about to shoot me.
    8. music – I don't have any favorite music
    9. roller coasters – I would go on one with someone else.
    10. elementary school – I liked elementary school. I had friends who were very generous and I felt I belonged.

  5. The Gratitude Guru

    What a great list!

    My distance conquest was a half ironman race I completed. I swam 1.2 miles, Biked 56 miles, and then ran a half-marathon (13.1 miles). I slept well that night!

    Thanks for sharing!

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