Buffalo’s architecture close up

On Sunday, January 21st, I went to downtown Buffalo with Town Supervisor Nathan McMurray, his wife Min, and their two sons to participate in the second annual women’s march. In Marching with 4,500+ friends in downtown Buffalo, I shared my impressions of the event. 

While I was walking, I had the opportunity to take closeup pictures of Buffalo’s amazing architecture. Between 1825, when the Erie Canal was built, and 1901, when the Pam American Exposition was held, Buffalo was seen as a thriving city. Many famous architects came to Buffalo to design buildings. They included H.H. Richardson, Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, Dietel, Wade, and Jones, and many more. Buffalo is truly an architectural treasure. The buildings have many fascinating details that can only be captured with closeup shots. This is historical Buffalo. 

9 thoughts on “Buffalo’s architecture close up”

  1. That is beautiful architecture, Alice!! And I guess that makes sense, if all those famous architects helped bring it to life. I really think downtown is where you really see the charm of a town or city.

  2. Thank you Alice for highlighting the city architecture in your captures. I loved the first one. Such an imposing wall of the bricks!
    I wonder how the modern Buffalo might have gelled with this one? Does the modern and the historical architectural marvels of the city go hand in hand or they just stand apart?

  3. Thanks for the close-up look at fascinating Buffalo. Have never been but now you've made me add it to my bucket list.

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