Tea and conversation in Italy with blogger friends

 note: The last place that I visited on my virtual trip around the world was in Croatia. I am now in a coffeehouse called Caffe Florian in Venice, Italy, with two bloggers who share one blog, titled “The Martha Review.” The bloggers are Martha and her great-granddaughter, Lia. Just as we are getting ready to order, we meet up with Jeanine, who has a lifestyle blog titled “Welcome to Gingerbread Cottage.”

We are excited about sharing some lovely Italian pastries, including tiramisu, tarfuto, gianduiotto, and gianduia e pistacchio, along with delicious biscotti. Our beverage is a gorgeous tea, called Florian blooming tea. And for Lia, there are various types of fruit juices.

We are eager to know more about one another. Lia wants to know if she could learn how to make Italian pastries. Martha and Jeanine have a few questions for me, so they interview me. Lia also asks a few questions.

How did you get the gecko to pose?

Carefully. Well, actually, he’s in a terrarium, and he was just standing there and watching the humans. Apparently, he thinks that we are fascinating. His companion gecko is not as thrilled with humans and he tends to be a bit bitey.

Are you bitey, as well?

Apparently, being bitey is not considered a very cute trait in humans. It’s much more endearing in a young kitten or puppy. Since it’s unlikely that I’m about to become a kitten or a puppy anytime in the near future, I try hard not to be bitey.

Is it true that Lucy is a feline alarm clock?

Yes, she likes to wake me up at about seven in the morning to serve her breakfast. This is a daily occurrence. Even when I had a reaction to my second COVID-19 vaccine, Lucy made sure that I fed her before I went back to bed. She is a cat who knows exactly what she needs and how to get it. If I don’t get up quickly enough, she gets bitey. She bites the top of my head, which I don’t understand because she gets a mouthful of human hair. But that does the trick. I get up and serve her Royal Majesty her food. 

What are you reading right now?

I am reading a book called The Last Flight, by Julie Clark. It’s about two women, Claire and Eva, who are so determined to get away from their difficult lives that they switch flights and identities after a chance encounter in an airport. The genre is psychological thriller so the things that happen after Claire and Eva pull off the big switcharoo are shocking and unexpected. 

Do you want to say any more about that?

Nope, I don’t want to give away any spoilers!

Is there anything new and exciting going on in Grand Island, New York, that we should know about?

As a matter of fact, yes. A new restaurant, called Taquito Lindo, is going to open on the first of June. It’s going to specialize in all sorts of delicious tacos. The other exciting thing is that, at the south end of the island, Casey’s Cabana has opened for another season. Among the goodies being served this summer will be smoothie bowls. I saw a picture. It looks like it’s some treat! 

When will Lucy write another post in your blog?

Soon, really soon. She has a few ideas for a topic but she isn’t ready to share yet.

On your virtual tour of Italy, what would you like to see?

Oh, there’s so much to see! I am excited about exploring Venice because it is a completely car-free city. And then there’s Tuscany and Lake Como and Milan with the famous opera house, La Scala. Opera is so much fun. I discovered, when I got to be in a few opera choruses, that opera is a better participation sport than a spectator sport. Opera is very dramatic and there’s no overacting in opera. It’s also very funny because it’s so unrealistic.

For example, in “La Traviata,” the character Violette actually sings the words “Oh joy,” just before she suddenly dies of tuberculosis (also known as consumption). And she doesn’t just sing any random note. She belts out a high B. It takes a lot of air to produce a note like that. Which is probably why she keels over so abruptly. But at least there was a cause of death. Sometimes, operatic characters keel over for no reason whatsoever.

Would you like to belt out a high B right now?

Let’s not and say we did? How about some more of these delicious pastries instead?

Is there anything else that you’d like to say?

Yes. I hope that you join me for another adventure on my virtual tour around the world!

What would you like Lucy (the cat) to write about in her next guest post?

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  1. What a lovely tea time we had Alice! Lia and I were so happy to meet you and Jeanine and in Italy of all places, We are planning a trip there and sounds like Venice and Tuscany need to be added to our agenda. Thanks for the visit, Lia said the pastries were delicious!

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