Photo captions from the readers!!

On Friday, I posted two pictures and asked readers to submit captions for the pictures. And I said that I would share those captions on Sunday. I received five submissions, and so, here they are. They are all very delightful. I thank everyone who participated in this fun activity for writing these captions. I hope to do something like this again soon. It was really nice to have an interactive post, and I hope that everyone enjoys these captions.

Bird captions:
(with a look of concern in its eyes) “Where did my mother go?” (submitted by Martha)

“Maybe if I sing a sweet song they will feed me?” (submitted by Jaime)
“I’m not ready to leave the nest!” (submittd by Lisa)

“This ballroom lighting is making me dizzy; I might fall off my perch.” (submitted by Doug)

Cat captions:

(in deep thought) “is that runs for me?”(submitted by Martha)

“Please don’t make me a cat meme-meow” (submitted by Jaime)

(question from the bird) Is that a cat in MY front yard? (submitted by Lisa)

 “Don’t disturb me. I am concentrating on that bird that is about to fall off of its perch.” (submitted by Doug)

Caption that fits both photographs:

Bird: Why are you staring at me, Ms. Cat?
Cat: I’m hungry, Mr. Bird. Either give me food or let me eat you.
Bird: Is there a third option?
Cat: Sing to me so that I might forget my empty stomach.
Bird: I will sing a song to help you forget to eat me.
Cat: Agreed. Start singing.
(submitted by Diane)

What other interactive posts would you like to see here in Alice’s Grand Adventures? Please make your suggestions in the comment section below!

3 thoughts on “Photo captions from the readers!!”

  1. Where do you want to go today?

    Thanks for sharing the entries to your contest. That made for couple of easy posts.
    Blog on!

  2. These captions were absolutely captivating. I laughed all the way to the end. Thanks for sharing them, Alice.

  3. It works your way, but I was thinking the cat saw another cat in the yard. Mine HATE seeing cats in THEIR yard, even though they don't go outside!

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