Write a caption day!

 Here is a fun creative writing exercise for you! Write a caption for one or both of the below photographs. On Sunday, I will repost the photographs with the captions that you wrote! Have fun. Use your imagination when coming up with your captions. It’s okay if the caption is wild and goofy but please try to make it suitable for audiences of all ages!

picture one

picture two

Please share your captions in the comment section below! I am looking forward to seeing them!

4 thoughts on “Write a caption day!”

  1. Where do you want to go today?

    #1 This ballroom lighting is making me dizzy, I might fall off my perch.
    #2 Don't disturb me I am concentrating on that bird that is about to fall off of its perch.

  2. Jaime Brainerd

    Hi Alice, what a grand idea for an inclusive adventure. I am all in!
    #1-"Maybe if I sing a sweet song they will feed me?"
    #2-"Please don't make me a cat meme-meow"
    Kudos to all the clever entries!
    Sending lots of love and gratitude,

  3. What caught my attention in both pictures were the eyes. I see a bit of concern in the bird's eye as if he's looking for someone. "Where did my mother go?" The cat on the other hand is in deep thought. "is that runs for me?" Fun blog!

  4. Oooo… fun!

    I see that cat look on the face of one of mine every time he spots a neighborhood cat walking across HIS yard!

    #1 I'm not ready to leave the nest!
    #2 Is that a cat in MY front yard?

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