staying close to home

It is easy to not notice the little beauties that are close to home. They get lost in the haze of familiarity. So I decided, in my second full week of my 365-day photography challenge, to find things that were close to home. And, for the most part, that’s what I did. Above is a little primrose in my garden that just recently bloomed. It is a delicate delight, overshadowed by larger, showier plants. 

In the spring, I bought small plants at the farmers’ market in Buffalo and put them in my garden. Much to my surprise, they spread with great gusto and turned into lovely, flowering ground cover.

This plant has been pure delight. I am enamored with the color and the texture of this one.

On Tuesday evening, I went outside to look at the sky. It was turning pink. I was fascinated by the colors and shapes of the clouds.

This one is getting ready to flower.

I am endlessly fascinated by my biggest perennial, the black-eyed Susan.

On Wednesday morning, I went to a different garden to tend to it. I weeded in a few areas. This is one of the treasures that I found in that garden.

Here is another jug in the same garden.

It had rained, and the water drops glisten on the flowers.

On Wednesday evening, I went to Riverside-Salem Environmental Chapel on West River Road. It is near the Niagara River, my river world. This is a closeup of a the stone bale structure that is being built. The structure is done and all that remains to be finished is the floor.

The sun sets over the Niagara River.

Here is another view of the sunset over the Niagara River. 

This is my sister, Diane. She came to visit on Thursday, wearing this spiffy new hat that she purchased at the San Diego Zoo! She is looking very fashionable.

Dreamy purple lives in my garden.

Here is another view of the primrose, surrounded by so much plant life!

The garden thrives and fills with bright color.

On Saturday, I participated in a #sketchcrawl. I took a chair and went outside and drew my black-eyed Susans. This is a mixed media portrait of black-eyed Susans. It was fun to do. In a few weeks, I am going to re-do this picture, as an acrylic painting on canvas board.

This morning, I was wondering… what will I photograph today? Then I saw this magnificent flower outside. It is actually in the neighbor’s yard. I went out to take its picture. It is a lovely, showy flower.

This one is lovely but not showy. It would be easy to miss it. It is a delicate delight.
I went with my friends Robin and Bryce to a church called “Valley Creek Church.” It is a very little church that holds its meetings in a house. By next month, it will have a room on a college campus. On my way out, I saw this chair. It seemed interesting because of the size of the buttons.

This is a dry creek bed.

Getting ready for a refreshing cup of tea.

Mmmm. Tea. 

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