365-day photography challenge

Late last week, I decided to try to do a 365-day photography challenge. The challenge basically means my camera and me becoming inseparable. I’ve got to take at least one photograph every day for 365 days. I started the photography challenge on Saturday in grand style. I went to Buckhorn Island State Park, located in the northern tip of Grand Island, where I took 81 photographs!

The other side of these bridges is Niagara Falls, New York. There is yet another bridge that will take you to Niagara Falls, Ontario, where there are really cool things, which include a floral clock and a butterfly conservatory.

This is an interesting view of the marsh.

Bee-autiful bee on leaves.

On my way home from Buckhorn Island State Park, I spotted these lovely flowers. 

On Sunday (August 3rd), I co-hosted coffee hour at Saint Martin-in-the-Fields church. The other co-host was Dawn. We brought in a variety of foods, and I had fun arranging the fruits on a platter. I had purchased these fruits at a farm stand in Grand Island.

On Monday, I headed south. This is the bridge that will take you to Tonawanda, New York. If you keep heading south, you will arrive in the City of Buffalo.

On this day, however, I stayed in Grand Island. When I arrived at Beaver Island State Park, I walked down the Spaulding Trail. While on the trail, I saw a few rabbits hopping around. They are camera shy so, as soon as I got the camera ready, they were long gone.

At the end of the Spaulding Trail, you are here.

This mural is one of the creations of professional artist Terry Klaaren.  He went to high school in Grand Island and then moved to Florida. Sometimes, he comes back to Grand Island, where he paints murals or teaches art classes. Above is a mural that he painted near the Beaver Island State Park golf course.

One of the mainstays of the Ferry Village neighborhood at the southern tip of Grand Island is the Village Inn. It is well known for fish fries and for homemade soups.

On my walk, I discovered this beauty.

A busy bee explores a coneflower.

The Niagara River on a cloudless day.

The sun sets on the Niagara River, just outside of the fishing station near Beaver Island State Park.

This is another mural that Terry Klaaren designed, as part of the Grand Island mural project at the Grand Island Plaza. There are a series of paintings that depict scenes from Grand Island’s history. The above painting shows the ships burning in the creek, now known as “Burnt Ship Creek.”

Winter scene in Beaver Island State Park.

On Tuesday, I went with a group of ladies from Saint Martin in the Fields Church to see Twelfth Night at Delaware Park in Buffalo.

This is the rose garden at Delaware Park in Buffalo.

Hoyt Lake.

It was a fun evening of wild comedy, drunken revelry, mistaken identity, music, and more. Did I mention all of the food that was brought to make the event more fun? 

On Wednesday, I was busily weeding a garden when I spotted this slow moving insect on the side of the house.

A different day, a different house, a different garden.

On Thursday, I went out to collect wildflowers and to make this bouquet.

Friday morning treat. A smoothie made with strawberries, raspberries, a peach, Greek yogurt, and apple cider.

These tiles were given to me. They extol the virtue of the magnificent species called Cat. So I placed them in a (gasp!) bare spot in the garden as decoration, with a few rocks, painted and nonpainted.

Today, at Saint Martin-in-the-Fields Church, there were some beautiful flower arrangements that were brought for Friday’s Wine and Beer tasting. I was, alas, unable to attend the Wine and Beer tasting this year. Apparently, it was a huge success. People enjoyed the beverages, the food, and the music.

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