Let it shine! Walking in Wisconsin…

On Monday, August 17th, I went to the library for our monthly book club meeting. The book that we discussed was The Snow Child, by Eowyn Ivey. The story is set in Alaska and is based on a Russian folk tale. I drove there in this car!!! (not) Actually, this is my friend’s car and she was gracious enough to let me pose in her thoroughly cool car.

After the book club meeting, I got a ride to the train station (thank you, Debbie!), where I waited for a long time for the train, which arrived an hour and a half late. I took a picture of me in the window taking a picture of me. 

After riding in a car, a train, a bus, and another car, I arrived at this place. Shortly after I arrived, a thunderstorm struck! The walkers, who had started their walk on the morning on August 18th, were planning on stopping in this place.

We went to a house where we were treated to a delicious dinner. 

Here is one of the images of the journey, before I got to the thunderstorm and the delicious dinner, organized by Hildegarde. At Union Station in Chicago, I saw this man playing the tuba. His playing was beautiful. It was a real pleasure to listen to him sharing his music.

Another view of the interesting architecture of Union Station.

Day two of the walk. Carrying the big banner.

We walked through the Wisconsin countryside. Lots of cows and corn. Wisconsin is known for its delicious cheeses!

Mmmm. Delicious corn! It is getting ripe and ready to eat at this time of year.

cows are as curious about humans as humans are about cows.

Don and Maya enjoy a happy moment of relaxation.

Don is from New Jersey. He enjoys coming to walks and he likes to prepared delicious breakfasts. He brings happiness and fun to the walks.

A farm stand at a field. Payment is via the honor system.

downtown Lodi.

the lovely sky.

Alice, Maya Bear, and corn.

Frankie and Reetzie, sisters from Des Moines, Iowa, who bring joy to the walk.

One of the fun things of the walk was riding on the ferry across Lake Wisconsin. The ferry has been going on for years and it transports cars, walkers, and bicycles. There is no charge to ride the ferry. 

Another fun thing about the walk has been the animals that we’ve encountered along the walk. We met cows and horses of all sizes and a few more, shown below.

The horses were fascinated by humans and they came to greet us.

Janet and Masha. Masha was definitely our youngest walker. At three years old, she walked seven miles!

Joy and Masha enjoy lunch together. One of the most wonderful things about the walk was all of the people who came to provide us delicious food, who made sure that we were well fed and happy during our journey.

Frankie’s joy is infectious.

We walked past fields, filled with native species of plants.

Here is a llama, who came to pose for me (well, maybe not, but I like to think).

Stone structures always attract me.

Another view of the lake.

Maya Bear explores corn, but not corniness.

The history of the ferry, called the Merrimac Ferry.

One of many barns in various stages of disrepair. It could make an interesting subject for a painting…

Crossing in the ferry.

One of many train tracks that we crossed along the way. I am fascinated by train tracks because, if you look down as far as you can see, you will see a lovely example of one point perspective (all lines leading to one vanishing point).

Tyler lives in an intentional community in northern Missouri. The community is off the grid and uses no electricity. They use bicycles and horses and buggies for traveling. Tyler is able to find all sorts of fruits as he is walking. He also carries the bucket of joy, and his happiness is infectious.

Another view of Tyler.

The walk continues. Today is a rest day. Tomorrow, we continue to walk, and I will continue this story later.

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