Late last night, I looked out my bedroom window at the courtyard, and I saw a fox. It seemed calm and happy as it hiked through the snow toward the bird feeder. The birds are messy eaters, and other critters like foraging for the birds’ leftovers.

What excitement! Maybe I could get a photograph. That would be sweet, I thought. But, alas, no. By the time I got my phone, which serves as my second camera, the fox was gone. All that remained were its footprints.

Alas, I thought. I lose out in the picture or it never happened department. Maybe it will come back at some point. Next time, I’ll be prepared to photograph that camera shy critter.

But, back to the here and now of winter. And speaking of the here and now of winter, here are a few photographs that say a lot without words being uttered. I hope that you enjoy. If you enjoy, feel free to share the post! 

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my visual tour of Snowlandia (aka Western New York). Where has your adventure taken you lately?

3 thoughts on “Snowlandia”

  1. Beautiful winter pictures! I'd rather see nature pics than a fox, anyway, to be honest And we almost never see snow here, so it's a treat to see your snow, there.

  2. Hey Alice, your pictures remind me of my neighborhood a couple of weekends ago. Alas! These beautiful pictures are the only thing I like about winter.

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