Photo caption contest, part two

The winning captions are…

Balancing Act (caption by Lily Leung)

It’s a tie!!!!! Here are the two captions: I miss you! (caption by Lily Leung) and What are you looking at?(caption by Martha DeMeo)

Oh sure, you guys are trying to impress me with your spiky horns (caption by Kebba Buckley Button)

Here are all of the honorable mention captions! Thank you so much for entering!

for photo one: Look Ma the Chicken didn’t cross the road the Crane did. (Glenda Cates); Why did the pigeon cross the road? (Martha); One toke over the line, Sweet Jesus! (Kebba)

for photo two: Dreaming of a T Bone Steak for dinner (Glenda); Mellow Irish Security (Kebba)

for photo three: Friends, look at my mom isn’t she tall? (Glenda); My neck is longer than yours! (Martha); My shadow is so small! (Lily)

And thank you to our esteemed judge, Lia! Check out Lia’s Friday blog posts! She shares original recipes and stories about her adventures. You can find her blog posts at

4 thoughts on “Photo caption contest, part two”

  1. I think every gave super captions! I love fun contests like this and I’m excited to be a winner! Lia had a great time coming up with the winners and she didn’t know who they were from, not even mine! Thanks for the fun post Alicle!

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