Let’s go, Buffalo!

The prompt for the Ultimate Blogging Challenge today was to post a picture and make it go viral. I have attempted that a few times, very unsuccessfully. I can’t make anything go viral by myself. But, if you share this blog post with your friends and enemies, maybe you can help me achieve my goal!

So, the picture. It’s a giant Buffalo Bill. Like everyone should be afraid of a Bill this huge. At least, it should strike fear in the hearts of the Kansas City Chiefs. Well, a girl can only hope. What can I say? A giant Buffalo Bill is fun. Oh, and if you want to know how to communicate in Buffalo during football season, it’s easy. Just say, “Go Bills.” It means hello, goodbye, I feel good, I am happy, life is sweet when our favorite team makes the playoffs, where did all that snow come from?

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to share so we can make this post go viral because… I don’t know why. Oh, and go, Bills!

8 thoughts on “Let’s go, Buffalo!”

  1. I have never had anything go viral that I know of. But it seems like I would know if it did. It’s asking a lot to push for a photo to go viral. Certainly there’s no predicting as to what would. Easy to say what wouldn’t- almost everything!!

    1. I absolutely do not expect that picture to go viral. But that was today’s prompt. This would be a very funny picture to go viral, just as Buffalo is about to be buried under a huge pile of lake effect snow!

  2. I think most everyone where I live in the Southern Tier is a Bills fan. Bills flags everywhere. Our Wegmans has a Bills shop in the store. If only you had been able to take a picture of Giant Bill in the snow. Maybe that would be the one to go viral?

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