Snow day!

when the snow is still pretty…

Yesterday, it started snowing sideways and, then, abruptly, it stopped. For hours, it didn’t snow, and people started complaining online about various closures. Online complaining should be a competitive sport. Some people are getting a lot of practice saying, “Why do I have to take that detour to get to work. It adds three minutes to my commute. OMG, I can’t tolerate sitting in traffic for THREE MINUTES!!!! Oh, and there were too many people ahead of me in the drive through, and I had to wait but I hate getting out of the car and walking more than about three feet because my feet are that delicate and if I use them, they may break and they might get snow on them and…” Oh, wait, speaking about snow, there was a travel ban so there was no one waiting at a drive through and there was no one having to take a detour.

But I digress. Because digressions can be funny. Actually, social media complaints are 95 percent of the time funny. I want to tell the complaining drivers to go to the bathroom before you leave the house! But no one was leaving the house this morning, thanks to a travel ban. It did manage to snow all night. So, there is that. And, yes, people were still complaining. Since I couldn’t go to church to sing some pretty great anthems with the choir, I had to watch church on YouTube. I chose the Washington National Cathedral, and, wow, I made the right choice. As I looked out the window and saw this…

I realized that I was comfortable and warm inside and that I was so fortunate to hear the Rev. Andrew Young talk about the work that he did with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. He talked about going to Alabama and meeting with people and with helping to create a movement. He talked about encouraging President Lyndon Johnson to sign legislation to ensure voting rights for everyone. He told his story in such an easy conversational style that I felt as if I were there with him. I usually don’t like listening to long talks but Andrew Young could have talked all day. He was very, very mesmerizing. His descriptions were wonderful and very real and I could tell that he was speaking from the heart. He is absolutely a master storyteller.

The music was incredible. So beautiful. The singers had rich, warm voices and they were wonderfully on pitch. That’s all I could ever hope for in a singer. A rich, warm voice wonderfully on pitch. I have this weird quirk that causes me to have visual effects. When I hear several people singing harmony (usually a quartet) and they are exactly on pitch, I get this image of shimmering diamonds. I know how bizarre that must sound. I think that it’s called Synesthesia. It’s when you experience one of your senses through another. And, before you ask, no, I am really sure that I don’t have perfect pitch. It’s just that my ears love pitch. A lot. But I can’t always tell you what note that is when you hit it on the piano. I did an online test, and I think that it was something like 60 or 70 percent. Definitely more than half of the time. A G just sounds like a G. And I always know where middle C is. But that’s about it. So no. I think that I just have good relative pitch or something to that effect.

I don’t have perfect pitch.

After watching that incredible church service on YouTube, it was time to go out and take pictures. Outside. Yes. I was definitely starting to feel cabin fever. Until I went out, that is. Cold and windy. Not at all pleasant. I took pictures and went inside again. Really. Enough of that. The ground needs winter. The apple and pear trees need winter. But I do not love it. It’s just something that has to be because of the climate I live in. But, without winter, would we have…

Christmas ornaments???

What a silly question. It’s January in Australia, too. And it’s summer there. Well, they are upside down, but that’s okay, just as long as the Australians remember to put suction cups on their shoes! And they have Christmas ornaments, albeit without snow. What else can I say? I don’t have a clue. This whole post has been a lot of fun to write, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed it. In the comment section below, please tell me what you like best about snow.

Tomorrow: I will announce the winners of the photo caption contest!!!

10 thoughts on “Snow day!”

  1. I love your photos! Snow is a pain to drive through but it looks pretty. Where do you live again? I’m in Philly, and while we didn’t get snow, we like to complain about the weather forecasters on the news. They like to predict snow is coming anyway! And I agree that all of the online complaining is just nonsense. Great post!

  2. Alice, I so enjoyed your light-hearted post. In addition to all your observations, I believe the snow buffers sound, so there is this cushy quiet as you walk along. One of the greatest experiences of my life was at Christmastime in a Colorado mountain town known for its hot springs. I went walking alone around the resort in about 6 ” of snow. How amazing and Divine and delightful. What was your official snowfall? <3

  3. I like getting snowed in. It’s a great excuse not to go anywhere and just relax. I’m a bit of a homebody. We would love to get more snow for skiing and moisture. It’s been a very dry year(s). Your photos make me feel very calm.

  4. OMG some people seems to complain about everything! LOL. I love your snow photos that’s one thing we miss loving on the south, the snowstorms with feets of snow!

    1. They really don’t know what to do with themselves if they have nothing to complain about! But champion complainers can always find something worthy of a good griping session. That’s why they should win a prize! Maybe in the future, I will run a complaining contest!!!

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