O is for on their own

So far from home…

On a rocky coast, far from home, Bearnacle Bear and three pirates sat and watched the ocean. It had calmed down since the wild storm that caused the pirate ship to list wildly. The tender that they used to get away from the ship was damaged and possibly not sea worthy. They looked to the horizon for the pirate ship but it had vanished.

“All of that honey and all of that jam. Gone,” said one of the pirates sadly.

“And the rum,” said another. “We have nothing to dull the pain of our terrible loss.”

“Aye,” said the first. “And we’re lost. No compasses, no maps, no way to lead us home.”

Bearnacle stared in amazement as the pirates sang in harmony of their sad losses. And then, the bears walked toward the water, where they saw schools of fish. They reached into the water with their paws and caught fish, enough for a meal. On the beach, they ate their fish and, soon, fell asleep.

Day after day, the bears caught and ate fish. And each day, they explored the island. They found fruits to eat and springs of fresh water to drink. They found a small cave to sleep in. They talked little to one another, but all four moved as if they were one.

Until the day that they heard the call of the sirens…

to be continued…

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