The Wet Garden

Today, I chose to write a poem, and the poetic form that I picked was the blank verse. This poetic form can be any number of lines. It is an unrhymed form of poetry, and each line is ten syllables. I’ve been thinking about the weather forecast because it’s gardening season now. So, tomorrow, the prediction is for a 70 percent chance for rain. I do need to run some errands tomorrow. And that reminded me that I really don’t like having wet feet, but there are plenty of other animals that don’t object. Such as a duck. Ducks are perfectly happy with wet feet. And the flowers, when raindrops land on them, look radiantly beautiful. Maybe it’s my attitude about the rain is not quite right? I know that water is life and that rain provides needed hydration to the plants. But I struggle to love it or the feeling of being soaked in a downpour.

an iris in the garden where I live
I step carefully in the wet garden.
The earth's squishiness melts into my shoes.
Raindrops absorb into my frizzled hair
As operatic songbirds chirp their joy.
Irises glow with colorful droplet.
I long to learn to love the soaking rain
to accept the squishiness of my feet.

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