No garden? How about crocheting one!

 Today is the start of a new Ultimate Blogging Challenge. I have participated in this blogging challenge since 2015. Or was it 2014? Anyway, it’s been a while. Through this challenge, I’ve become part of a great community of bloggers. I’ve had the opportunity to improve my writing skills, as well as my photography skills. When I first started, I wrote about “whatever,” but, now, I have been trying to choose a theme for the month-long challenge. It has been fun to explore different themes. This month is no exception, and I’ve chosen a theme for this month’s blogging challenge.

The theme for February 2021 is “Exploring My Creativity.” This could take me in a variety of directions! Today, we’ll start with crocheting. I’ve been a crocheter since I was a teenager. It was my sister Diane who got me into crocheting. She taught me the basic skills of this lovely art form. So one of the unique things is that my left handed sister couldn’t figure out how to demonstrate right handed crocheting to me so she taught me how to crochet… left handed.

To this day, I cannot crochet right handed.

But I’m not left handed.

And maybe not right handed.

Confused yet?

Me, too.

If you’re a crocheter, here is a fun square for you to try. It features a raised flower in the center, which gives the square a fun three dimensional look. You’re going to make a minimum of four rows, plus a finishing row. And you’re using three colors (A, B, and C), so this is a good chance to use up leftover yarn. Another fun thing about making things with this square is, if you’re a gardener like me, you’re probably sad that your garden is covered with snow. Well, how about making a yarn garden? Here is the pattern for you to start your own yarn garden!

The first row is the most complicated because this is where you are making your flowers. It’s going to involve a lot of twists and turns, so be prepared. You’re going to start by chaining six and by joining to your first chain stitch to make a loop. Then you will chain three and make three double crochets in your loop. Turn and make double crochets in the tops of each of the double crochets that you just made. Also, make a double crochet on top of your first chain. Then chain four and turn. *Make four double crochets in the loop. Chain three and turn. Make double crochets in the tops of each double crochet. Chain four and turn.* Repeat from * to * six times, then join to the first chain three. You should have eight petals to your flower. Fasten off Color A.

You’re now ready to start row two. Join Color B to any chain four space and chain three. Make two double crochets in the chain four. Chain two and make three more double crochets in the same chain. This will be your first corner. In the next chain four space, make three double crochets. *In the next chain four, make three double crochets, chain two, make three double crochets (corner). In the next chain four space, make three double crochets.* Repeat from * to * twice.

Join to first chain three. You now have a “leaf row.” Fasten off color B.

For your third row, you’re going to join color C to the chain stitches of any corner. Make your first corner. In the space between the corner and the next group of double crochets, make three double crochets. In the next space, make three double crochets. *In the chain three in the next corner, make a corner. In each of the next two spaces, make three double crochets.* Repeat from * to * twice. Join to first chain three.

In row four and beyond, repeat row three as many times as you like to get the size square that you desire. Fasten off color C when done.

You will conclude the square with a finishing row. Join with Color A and single crochet all of the way around. Make three single crochets in each corner. Fasten off and weave in all ends.

And you have a square. You can combine squares to make anything that you like, including an afghan, a pillow, a tote bag, or who knows what else. Your imagination is the limit.

12 thoughts on “No garden? How about crocheting one!”

  1. That is gorgeous! My mom could knit and crochet beautifully and my grandmother was an excellent seamstress. I took after gramma on sewing, crocheting didn't work out for me however I can do the basic stitch and crocheted a scarf but not sure if I would even remember how I did it so many years ago!

  2. Wow, those are gorgeous flowers! What a neat idea, so you can have a garden even in the middle of winter. I like your blog theme and am always glad to see your posts.

  3. Gorgeous flowers. What a great idea. I taught myself how to crochet from a book but have only made granny squares. They're still sitting in a basket somewhere in the house. I haven't joined them.Maybe that's my next project.

  4. Melissa Brown, MD

    Oh my, I just took a trip down memory lane looking at these pictures. I learned how to crochet when I was a girl, completed one afghan, and then never picked up a crochet hook since!

    This is a beautiful pattern and you have great instructions. I just might be tempted on this snowy day to look for my old crochet hooks and start up again. Thank you!

  5. So pretty! I am making a wool coat right now with seed stitches and lots of different colored hand dyed home spun skeins I picked up for less than $10 at Goodwill.

  6. This is great! I haven’t crochet since I was young. I would love to try to do this again. The flowers are simply beautiful.

  7. Thank you, everyone. I am super excited that some of you want to start crocheting again. And Kandas, how wonderful that you got that yarn for such a great price. The coat is going to look fabulous!!!

  8. Brenda Marie Fluharty Writer

    So lovely. They are all so beautiful. My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was little. These remind me of those days.

  9. What a fun and beautiful square!

    I find it funny that you learned left handed. I know a lady who is left handed, but can teach both left and right handed.

    I've never had the knack though, no matter how many times i try, crochet is just beyond me.

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