Making a monsterpiece

images of me

How many different ways can I capture my own image (or attempt to do so?) Take a look at the ways below that I found to capture my image, either with photography or through drawing and painting. I am truly a monsterpiece in the making!
what will I do with the letter N? Check back here tomorrow to find out!

6 thoughts on “Making a monsterpiece”

    1. Thank you very much! Monsterpiece actually comes from Sesame Street. They did a takeoff of Masterpiece Theater, called Monsterpiece Theater. One of their skits was a takeoff of “I Claudius.” It was called “Me Claudius.” The muppets bopped each other on the head and repeatedly said, “Me Claudius” (or “No! Me Claudius”). That was hilarious, and I thought that Monsterpiece was just so funny!

  1. Definitely not a monster piece, but a masterpiece like Vidya says! Lia is always taking selfies and some are hilarious. The other day I was looking through my phone and she must have had about 100 selfies LOL. I’ll have to show her your gorgeous self portrait!

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