A novel approach…

to decorating cookies…

“Cookies are made with butter and love.”

— Norwegian proverb
It’s time to decoate cookies for Easter!

When you go to a bakery, you’re going to see lots and lots of decorated cutout cookies. And, sure enough, they all look alike! But… is it necessary to decorate all of your cookies so that they are clones of each other? Part of me says yes, and part of me says no way. The part of me that says yes is the part of me that still feels sad because I wasn’t born with an identical twin sister so that we could be two peas in a pod. The part of me that says no likes uniqueness and says that each cookie is a canvas to be decorated in its own way.

I didn’t think that I could decorate two cookies in exactly the same way, so I decided to make each cookie its own story. Who knows? Maybe there’s a novel in the 14 cookies that each have a different story to tell. Or maybe, it’s just a novel approach. I really don’t know. What I do know is that the process was fun. The process started with a kit created by Ellen DeNormand, who baked the cutout cookies and provided all of the fun decorations.

We start off with four different colored frostings.
then there’s the fun stuff (sprinkles in pastel colors)!

And the fun begins. I decorated fourteen cookies for Easter, using this novel approach to cookie decorating. Or maybe it’s not really a novel approach. Who knows? I just needed a word that began with the letter N, and that’s novel.

The colorful egg is meant to look like a decorated egg, and the other egg is meant to be an egg sunny side up that accidentally got dropped in the lawn.
Among other things, there are fashionable lambs and a rather startled rabbit!
Rabbits and chickens and other things, all dressed and ready for Easter!
These cookies are going to St. Martin in the Fields Episcopal Church for coffee hour tomorrow! Happy Easter!!!
Monday will be O day! As in Oh wow or oh no! Or who knows what word I will choose that begins with the letter O!!! You’ll find out on… Monday!!!

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