Late on a long day…

lucky losers listen longingly…

lucky and slightly random

Late on a long day, I look at a mixed media picture that I made a few days ago. I started off with a shape and I let the image grow until it turned into something. It became something unplanned and different than the original image that I had in mind. It became that lucky new thing that I had never intended it to be because I listened longingly.

Cartoony people for a nuclear free future

I am listening longingly to the Cartoony people for a nuclear future and am wondering where to take them. These images got their start on a set of luminaria that I drew for a day, several years ago, early in August. We put candles in the luminaria, and they were set out to float in the small lake in Delaware Park in Buffalo, New York. And I am thinking about posters and greeting cards, featuring the cartoony (or cartoonie) people for a nuclear free future. The one above is shaped like a star and shining like one.

What are you thinking about when you listen longingly?

Late at night, the lucky losers switch off the light.

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