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My 365-day photography project is now nearly a month old. I have been able to take bunches of photographs every day. In this update, I will share pictures of flowers that I took, both here in Western New York and during my walk in Wisconsin. I do plan, within the next few days, of posting more about the Wisconsin walk. Today, it will be the flowers.

It is now late summer, and the plants are mature. The late flowers are blooming with dramatic color. The pastels of spring are gone, replaced by vivid greens, purples, oranges, and other colors. 

I was fascinated by this one because it looks like a fried egg, sunny side up!

Here is a wildflower that I found by the side of the road. One of the benefits of walking long distances is having the whole world within touching distance. The colors beckon, and it is possible to stop, take pictures, and feel the petals.

The differences between plants can be subtle, but still quite noticeable.

These aging cone flowers are still quite charming.

This white flower is delightfully delicate.

I can’t seem to identify this but its shapes are quite fascinating.

Vivid colors of late autumn.

A bee is busily at work inside a plant.

This cone flower is an unusual and very striking color.

Here is a closeup of Queen Anne’s Lace.

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