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Today’s blogging prompt was all about bucket lists. As in share some items from my bucket list. I’ve done this in the past, but my bucket list keeps evolving. Many of the items on this list are unrealistic but the point of a bucket list is to reach for the stars, not the ceiling. And, hey, if you can’t even reach the ceiling, at least you’ve tried.

So, this post is a continuation of yesterday’s dream big post. Oh, and since I’ve never been in any of the places that are on my bucket list, I am just adding some random photographs of places that I’ve been and have enjoyed and are now removed from the aforemention bucket list.

Here we go. My reach for the stars, not the ceiling, bucket list (in categories):

places that I’d like to visit:

Machu Picchu: It’s in Peru. An ancient Incan city. On top of a mountain in the Andes, of course. You can climb to it on lots and lots of stairs. It sounds exhausting, although the city sounds as if it would be worth it. The buildings are made of stone and fit together like puzzle pieces. No mortar was used in the construction of the building, which occurred at about 1450 A.D. It is a gem because most of the Incan cities were destroyed during the Spanish conquest.

Bhutan: It’s a Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas. High up in the mountains. There is a mountain there that no one has ever climbed to its peak because it is considered to be sacred.

Its peak is 24,840 feet, which is really high! It is a very environmentally conscious country. There are many different plant and animal species that can be found in Bhutan. One of them, the golden langur, is an endangered type of monkey that can be found only in the Black Mountains of Bhutan and in a small area of western Assam, India.

Vietnam: There is a bridge in Vietnam that I want to walk on. It is a pedestrian only bridge, and the entire structure is held up by a giant hand.

Tahiti: It must be great. That’s where Paul Gauguin went to paint. On the beach. He painted on a beach. Probably in February. I want to paint on a beach in February. I’ll call myself Paulette. Or Pauline. One of those. 

a few more, in no particular order: the Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls, Mount Fuji, the Galapagos Islands, Transylvania (there’s a vampire), Loch Ness (there’s a monster), County Limerick (it’s a poem)…

things that I would like to do:

write a novel 
paint a fresco
learn ballroom dancing
fall in love
learn how to decorate cakes
take a long trip, maybe cross country or maybe farther, and maintain a blog about the adventure
attend a writers retreat
learn how to bake spritz cookies
study entomology
paint every day for a year

Well, that’s all I can think of for now.
Oh… and the winner of the archaic word creative writing contest is…

Come back tomorrow!!!!

Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Items from Alice’s bucket list”

  1. What a very interesting list. I have places I wish to travel as well but as age keeps rolling along the list gets adjusted. The painting daily is something I can do now, here in the hills overlooking Puerto Vallarta. Travel is becoming less and less of a possibility but has not been completely removed. You must still be very young to have such a large bucket list. I have moved from a bucket to a teapot as I downsize.

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