It’s time for… contest results!!!!

The fun contest is over, but, after the deadline, I got one more entry, this one from Diane. I did tell Diane that she could be part of the contest, despite the deadline having expired. She wrote a love poem and it’s sweet, so I am awarding her an honorable mention prize and am sharing this poem with you.

I hope that you will enjoy this poem. I found it to be very creative and well written. Diane definitely used the archaic words in an interesting way. Great job with your poem!!!

You are my aliment
My appetency
I am but an animalcule
Not worthy of your love
But I do love you
As a moth loves the flame
Will you give me a chance
You, the love of my life
I went to an apothecary
To give me the cure
But there is no cure
That will stop my love for you
Is there aught I can do
That will make you change your mind
When you declared, “Avaunt, you cur, avaunt.”

And now… the winner of the contest is…!!!! His story will be the start of a five-minute timed writing! Let’s see what wildness I can create in the space of five minutes. And, really, that is the point of the timed writing: to let yourself go by turning off that inner critic and by saying yes to the creative spirit that is inside all of us.

My timed writing begins with this fun tale: 

I always like a contest. It’s an aliment to my soul.
It seems that Alice is getting bored already up in Shuffle-off territory, and has an appetency to engage fellow bloggers in a contest.
No restrictions at all! Aught! Nothing will tear us asunder from the contest.
Having spent the week (and devoting Friday to complete the task) describing microbes- that’s bacteria not animalcule- and how they resist the apothecary’s ability to eradicate them, I will have to first post this as a comment to her challenge. In essence, an ambuscade on her own territory.
You see, it’s important for those of us who write serious blogs- talking about medicine, health, water, the environment, technology- to demonstrate that we have senses of humor.
After all- the way the world is going, without a cultivated sense of humor, we would truly be doomed.

(Alice’s continuation is below)

Doomed, I tell you! Doomed! What the heck, asked Alice. Doomed is absolutely no fun. That’s why we do stuff like this. That’s why we write wacky stories and use words that no one uses anymore. Because it’s funny and it brings people some happiness and a lot of laughter. Yes, serious stiff … not stiff… I ain’t dead yet… stuff is important. We need to know about nutrition and about how to live healthy lives and we need to know that there is bad stuff going on in this world. Like racism and war and all that bad stuff. They still exist and we have to change our attitudes so that we can actually show that we are serious about opposing them. And then we need to be kind.

I think that a bit of silliness is a good way to be kind. Because it is gentle humor. It’s not the kind of humor that some people who are on talk shows use, where they actually are making personal remarks about other people and then claiming that it’s satire. It really isn’t satire because it’s hurtful.

But I digress. Because I often digress and because digression can lead to good things. Digression is a g… I mean form of brainstorming. Sometimes, when I digress, I get an idea that actually is workable. Even though I don’t know it at the time, yes, you can get some great ideas from randome thoughts and conversations. Tht’s why I think that staying on topic and being very linear doesn’t work and is higholy over rated. In fact, I am so excited about that that I am making all sorts of typos. Well, anyway, brainstorming is good because it’s a way to come up with ideas without the filters of that inner critic.

Time expired!!!
I hope that you have enjoyed this contest! Thank you to everyone who participated! 

I am thinking of running one or two more creative writing exercises before the blogging challenge is over! Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “It’s time for… contest results!!!!”

  1. Loved Diane's poem and your continuation on Roy's entry for this contest!! I digress often too and I agree that digression creates ideas.. Looking forward to more..

  2. Timely, coming from a person who has lived her beliefs by actions, something not enough of us have done. You show us that wemust live our beliefs but we must carve out time for humor and silliness and timed writings where we ignore our inner critic. So…a great thought for a Blue Monday!

  3. I didn't enter but enjoyed reading the entries. If I had to judge, it would be very hard since they all looked like winners! But Roy's entry definitely was awesome. Congratulations to all who entered and to the winner!

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