If I could do anything that I dreamed of…

Today’s blogging prompt has to do with dreams. It’s about how we dream big when we are children. Our imaginations knew no bounds when we were thinking about what we wanted to be when we grew up. And the question was: if we could dream that big, what would like to become now? 

Here are some of the things that I heard from kids whom I used to babysit. They have all since grown up.

I want to be a professional baseball player!

I want to be a mechanic and fix cars!

I want to be a veterinarian!

The baseball player wanna-be became a musician and a music teacher. The mechanic wanna-be became an engineer. And the veterinarian wanna-be became a physician. They are happy with the careers that they have chosen.

So, what were some of my earliest career dreams? Here are a few. I wanted to be an astronaut, an astronomer, a cartoonist, and an actress. I never became any of those things. Instead, I became a journalist. I enjoy the work, but I never did find that Real Job with career advancement that I was hoping for.

So… what if I were to start over again and dream big, as I did when I was a kid? Well, for sure, some of my dreams have changed. I actually enjoy staying on the earth so I guess that astronaut isn’t the best option. Plus, I have issues with vertigo and motion sickness, which could be potentially career ending for an astronaut. I guess that getting into some sort of spaceship would be like the most extreme type of roller coaster possible.

I have new dreams now. I have discovered a love for gardening and landscape design and insects. I’ve discovered that I love being outside, walking and exploring.

By participating in long-distance walks in a number of different places, I have found that I love travel, especially slow travel. Close to the ground travel. I like taking photographs and drawing and painting. So…. what would I choose for a career? Maybe I would want to be a travel writer. Or maybe I would want to be an outdoor educator. Or an entomologist. Or a botanical illustrator. Or maybe even a novelist.

I can see all of those as being dreams for me, the grown up version of me who still wants to dream big. What are your dreams? What would you like to do if you were to dream big?

5 thoughts on “If I could do anything that I dreamed of…”

  1. I couldn't remember dreaming way back then. Perhaps I just dreamed of being a wife and mother, which I did achieve. I know I wanted to be a teacher, but I can't recall dreaming about that – but I did. I think my dreams would have been petty small things way back then, and I have certainly achieved far more than I would every have dreamed about. Great post.

  2. That's cool about the three you baby sat for. While the didn't follow their dreams they all did great! I never had dreams about what I wanted to be but subconsciously I must have wanted to follow in my grandmother's footstep of sewing because I had my sewing business for 53 years before semi retiring.

  3. Where do you want to go today?

    My post today was about a dream and I did not even know the theme for the day was Dreamy.
    As my post suggests, sometimes we need a little tug to get moving in the direction of our dream.
    OR a dream is just a dream until there is a plan in place.
    And often when all is considered, there are many dreams and some are better than others and better for others.
    Dreams at each stage of life change. when old dreams are attained, new plans have to be put in place for new dreams.
    In the meantime, blog on.
    Was doing a blog challenge ever a dream?

  4. Somewhere, somehow, I decided when I was about five years old that I was going to be a teacher. I held onto that dream, but life got in the way – for a while.
    When my youngest child started school – so did I. For two years I dropped my two children off at their school then drove to the local high-school to finish my education. Somehow my dream had turned into a passion – and I didn’t stop until I had achieved it.
    I graduated as a teacher and taught for a very long time.
    I like the idea that if you want something badly enough, you won’t let anything get in the way. But I also believe that sometimes a change in the plans we’ve made is how it is meant to be.
    As long as you appreciate all that you have and have become, you’ve achieved success.

  5. I wanted to be a librarian or a reporter (like Lois Lane). I’m neither but my job does require some research. I know I would not have made a good reporter.

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