I didn’t break my brain after all!

April! What a month! My world changed dramatically. It started looking like this… fluffy and white, even though the calendar said spring.

The two blogging challenges that I did in April kept me busy and focused, as much as an easily distracted… look, a bird!… person… is that something shiny??… can be.

I was, for the most part, able to keep up with the challenges, although the challenges became challenging when we had our presidential primary in New York State. Working for 16 hours as an election inspector was fun but exhausting. I think that my favorite voter comment was from the lady who slammed her Republican ballot down on the table and announced, “I’m not voting for any of these people! Give me the Democratic ballot.” We couldn’t do it. It’s sort of like a person who buys a vanilla ice cream cone. After a bite or two, the person says, “I don’t like vanilla! Take this back! I want strawberry.” Um. No. That’s not happening. But, nevertheless, it was funny.

This presidential election has been bizarre, to say the least. During the challenge, I was motivated to write political satire, which I actually did three time. I hope that my readers were as amused by the antics of Mighty Mouth (Republican) and Midas Mouth (Democrat) as I was. I’m a little less amused by the real candidates and am looking toward the future with more dread than usual.

The A to Z challenge was fun and helped me stretch my vocabulary. It motivated me to write poetry and write about botany and mathematics. I considered choosing a theme for the month, but I’m glad that I didn’t. I felt open to the possibilities for story telling.

The challenges gave me an opportunity to read other blogs and get inspiration from them. There are so many great writers out there. There are people who understand business and blogging. There are people who have spiritual gifts. There are people who write about exotic places that I can only dream about visiting.

I am thankful for everyone who visited my blog and especially grateful for the kind, supportive, and helpful messages that were left for me. It makes me feel good that I can share my world. Adventures are best when they are shared.

This was my second A to Z challenge. I really enjoyed it both times. I would gladly do it again.

I started the challenge in a cold, gray world, and I ended it in a world full of color and light.

Thank you to everyone who made both the Blogging from A to Z and the Ultimate Blog Challenge possible. They were good experiences.

I’m off for more adventures! Come back and visit me sometime!!!

2 thoughts on “I didn’t break my brain after all!”

  1. Cerebrations.biz

    Methinks the election choices this year are but another facet of the A2Z challenge- can we use the alphabet to explain these results?

  2. For once (I live in New York State, too) or primary mattered. And it really brought out things that I never thought about until recent years because I didn't know better. Why does New York have closed primaries (i.e. you can't cross over and vote for someone running in the other party). Why is there no early voting? Why can't you register the same day that the primary is held? Why does NY have so many practices that are so archaic? My mother in law, somehow, didn't check the box for party affiliation when she changed her residence from another NY county last year, and as a result, she couldn't vote at all (no way to correct it the day of voting). What is fair about that?

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