How about a bowl of something super?

 Today is Superbowl Sunday. How about something super… souper for dinner? Because soup on a cold evening when you’re going to be busy watching a football game is just a good idea. A nice creamy soup that warms your insides is an even better idea. The nice creamy soup that I decided to make was cream of mushroom soup.

A few days ago, I made a big pot of chicken broth. There is nothing like homemade broth. First of all, it’s super nutritious.

It has a anti-inflammatory capability because of the amino acid glycine. It’s just really great for you because it helps your body detoxify toxins in your digestive system. For someone like me, who has experienced a variety of digestive issues, this sort of food is really great. 

I made my broth in a crockpot. It cooked on low for about eight hours. In other words, overnight. How cool was that? I’ve had this crockpot now for about two months and I’m already trying to figure out what I did before I had the crockpot. It is that awesome of a kitchen tool.

Today, I took some of the broth and I made cream of mushroom soup.

Although the recipe calls for white mushrooms, I substituted baby bella mushrooms because they tend to have more flavor than white mushroom.

I bought a large container of mushrooms and I think that I may have enough mushrooms for another!

The soup was just yummy. And since the blogging prompt, which I didn’t mention at the beginning of the post, was about offering resources, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I got the recipe for the cream of mushroom soup from a Soup cookbook, edited by Debra Mayhew. Apparently, this book was rebranded as The Soup Bible, by Debra Mayhew.

If you’d like to make this soup, which you can make with chicken broth or with the recommended vegetable broth, check out this link: Cream of mushroom soup recipe by Debra Mayhew.

And speaking about links, here is a link for chicken stock that you can make overnight in a crock pot: flavorful chicken broth. My one piece of advice would be not to add any salt to your broth as you’re cooking it. The broth will cook slowly for about eight hours. All of the flavors will be intensified. So, if you add salt, your broth could be unpleasantly salty. But don’t despair. Even if your broth is excessively salty, don’t pronounce it inedible and toss it out. There are things that you can do to fix the issue. Here is a link to an article that offers a bunch of idea on how to fix a too-salty soup: take the edge off of that saltiness!

What kind of soup would you like to eat today?

3 thoughts on “How about a bowl of something super?”

  1. Looks yummy!
    Not sure what my favorite soup is – maybe Ukrainian borscht. Beet soup
    with beans and cabbage and other delicious veggies added it besides the beets.

  2. Hey Alice,

    When I was a child, my mom cooked soup every week…on Thursdays. The unique thing was that, regardless of the kind of soup, pumpkin was a staple ingredient.

    I like many types of soup, but my favorite is vegetarian split pea soup. Thanks for the memories your article rekindled.

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