Name the bear contest!

 Today’s blogging challenge is for me to run a contest! Which is great because contests are always fun activities. 

Guess what number I’m thinking right…

Never mind. By the time the contest ends, I will have forgotten which number I’m thinking right now. How about if I do…

a naming contest for a stuffed bear? You get to choose any name for the stuffed bear pictured here and tell me why you think that the bear should sport that name. And yes, I really like creative answers. You can make the bear naming a group project in your home, if you like! It’s up to you!

Will there be a prize? Yes! I will paint a portrait of the bear, and I will tell a story about the bear, with its new name!!! 

What about the timing? Entries will close on Saturday, February 13th, and I will share the portrait with the bear’s new name reveal on Wednesday, February 17th!

Are you excited yet? Feeling the hype! You just can’t bear it? Well, you’ve got a few days and I will post links to this blog post every day until Friday! 

6 thoughts on “Name the bear contest!”

  1. This bear is adorable! He looks like a cross between a Husky dog and a polar bear, so I think he should be named 'Nanook'. Nanook, in Inuit mythology, is the master of bears. I think this would be an appropriate name. 😉

  2. My son and I agree that his name is Branwyn! We see him going off to prep school and doing very well there. He has a bright future, does our Branwyn.

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