Creating a new me with help from a friend


Just a few days ago, I was in my living room that I had turned into a private gym, gasping for air as I attempted to push my body in ways that it was reluctant to be pushed. I was stubbornly engaged in the activities, not accepting the ferocious resistance message that my body was offering me. Much to my body’s rather yelpy chagrin, I was making it do things that it put every effort in avoiding for years! Well, the work avoidance body was now being forced into walkout planks (which are actually easier than burpees), modified pushups, and a whole collection of twisty turny things.

What’s the point of having a human body if you don’t push it beyond the limits that you believe that it has?

You probably have a lot of questions right now. Like “how did you know which exercises to do to push your body beyond its limits?” “What motivated you to suddenly get into a exercise routine at your greatly advanced age?” And I’m sure that there are more questions.

The answer is that the sudden urge to get into shape struck just before Christmas. Normally, at this time of year, I am a dedicated couch potato. This year, however, I wanted to break the couch potato pattern.

My opportunity came when local fitness instructor Nichole Becker announced on Facebook that she was doing a 60 day fitness challenge.

“Who wants to join me?” Nichole asked.

Me. I wanted to do a 60-day fitness challenge. I didn’t even think for 30 seconds about it. I don’t know how much thought I could cram into a whole 30 seconds, but I didn’t think. I just impulsively decided that a fitness challenge was for me.

Nichole put together a small group, and she started the fitness challenge on January 4th. We do our activities virtually, either in live sessions with Nichole on Zoom or with exercise videos on YouTube. We started off with relatively easy workout sessions. Slowly, but surely, the exercises and activities became more strenuous. We are now really pushing ourselves. And it’s good. Except for a few days when my motivation level slipped, I have pushed myself to maintain the exercise program.

After a lifetime of avoiding strenuous physical exercise, what or who could motivate me to make such a change?

It was Nichole. She offers the right blend of pushing and encouraging to keep me focused on the exercises and motivated to continue, despite my body’s resistance. She is a coach and a personal trainer. She makes me believe that I can do it, that focusing on my physical fitness is my gift to me.

Today, I am aware that I have more stamina than I did just a month ago. I can see and feel improvements in my core and in my upper body. It is truly amazing. One more month to go in the challenge. And thanks to Nichole’s enthusiasm and her belief that I can do it, I feel excited to continue.

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  1. I love pushing myself after I discovered how good I can feel. I've started going to an aerobic exercise class after I retired. It was mostly made up of retired women senior women. The instructor is in her late 50s and the class is quite intensive. After a couple of weeks, I could feel my brain was clearer. I love the burpee and the plank. But in this Covid time, I prefer skiing and walking outside rather than doing it on Zoom. We do have the option of in person attendance but I chose not to at this time.

  2. Hi Alice,
    I think you might have an addiction to the word "Challenge".
    You are stacking one upon another. That seems to be an issue with others on this blog challenge.
    I agree that it is much easier to meet the exercise goals when it is scheduled at a specific time and with a group of like minded people.
    Twice a week I do Zumba on Zoom.
    Between classes, I Blog on!

  3. Great to hear your doing another challenge! I think exercising is one downfall I just can't get to. I've been working on my cardio bike and now been walking or almost running with the pup daily but that's about my limit. Doing a Zoom exercise class sounds awesome. Keep it up, you can do it!

  4. Gret for you. Exercise is one of the things that will add years to most people's lives, if not years, it helps make the years that they do have, a lot more enjoyable. Don't think of one more month to go, think of one life to go, and just keep it up. Of course, it is better if you have people to help you along the way so if she does not offer continuing support look for a Facebook to join

  5. Team Mommies PR Bloggers

    I wish I had knew about the challenge as I need to get up and do something and instead her I am typing on the computer. This isn't going to help me lose the weight I need to lose or get my Blood Pressure down which is high at the moment. If you will excuse me now I think I will go for a walk…

  6. A very inspirational read. Covid has restricted my going to the gym, which I loved doing several times weekly. So, just by chance, I found the Silver Sneakers program, which teaches Zumba, and many other fitness classes online. Now I can dance around my den, much to my dogs chagrin. I have to lock them out because they don't like to see their momma moving around and waving her arms. LOL

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