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Yesterday evening, I went to the river to take pictures of the moon, just one day past the full moon. The reflection of the moon in the water is beautiful. At some point,I will use this picture as a reference photograph for a painting.

Today, though, I decided to play a little with the photograph, to see how I could make the image change by using an online photo editor. By using the filter function of the photo editor, I was able to get a variety of different images of the same photograph. Here is a link to the photo editor that I used:

pixlr editor

This one is called “art poster.” The colors are more dramatic and the contrast is much stronger than in the top photograph. The dock is less visible and your eye is drawn to the big, bright moon and its very bright reflection in the water.

This one is called “night vision.” It is very green, but all of the elements (the moon, the reflection, the dock, and the other shore) really stand out. I get a sensation of being in an underwater universe with this one, just because of the dominance of the green.

This one is called “heat map.” The moon and its reflection show the hottest colors. As you move out, the colors become cooler, until you have a very cool blue at the edges. The sky is varied shades of green, while the image above depicted a sky and water in almost a uniform shade of green.

This filter is called “hope.” I really like it. It is the least realistic-looking of all of the filters that I had tried with this one photograph. The moon is very large and very dominant in this picture. The colors are vivid: two shades of blue, white, and red. The two shades of blue gives the image depth. The darker blue makes the dock and the background trees pop out from the page. The lighter blue is a relaxing color that does not compete with the strong colors on the page.

I would definitely suggest testing out the photo editor with any one of your images. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll enjoy the results.

7 thoughts on “fun with a photo editor”

  1. This is an interesting idea. I like how different places at different times have totally different feelings and meanings! I live by the sea, so during the day its a place of fun and safety, but at night it takes on a dangerous vibe. Maybe I've seen JAws too much though, ah!

  2. How interesting! And the photo, itself, is beautiful. The last one, "hope," reminds me of my beloved president.

  3. Alice, what a fun post! I do a lot of photography and photo editing, but I've never seen Pixlr before. Loving your images! Thanks for the fresh ideas.

  4. I've never played with photo editors – well I did a little with the Adobe Photoshop (free version) on my old iPhone. No instagram, no online photo editors. Pretty neat stuff.

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