The hot day post

Here in Grand Island, the current temperature is 90 degrees. It feels even hotter. I am back at home from a very toasty walk to the library to pick up a book. It is about a five-mile round trip, mainly because I take the “scenic route.”

It’s nice to see the busy bees and the blooming flowers, despite the terrible drought that we’ve been experiencing here. The lawns are brown and look as if they are nearly dead. Apparently, not completely dead because people are still mowing their lawns.

Here are some pictures from my toasty walk.

Rose of Sharon blooms and buds.

This group of bees is busy with the flowering thistle. For a plant that I dislike as much as a thistle, it does produce a lovely flower. Needless to say, I dig them out of every garden that I tend to.

Bridge to Veterans Park.

One horse in a back yard. Busily grazing.

On my way home, I passed these very tall sunflowers. It was interesting to watch the busy-ness of the bees, who congregate at the center of the sunflowers. 

I love sunflowers and am excited about photographing them. I’m thinking about using one of these photographs as reference material for a painting. A sunflower and bee painting. 

I could fill up the entire page with a larger than life sunflower and pretend that I am Georgia O’Keeffe. That will be a future blog post. Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “The hot day post”

  1. Our Rose of Sharon here in the Binghamton area didn't seem to last too long. They were blooming, and suddenly started to drop. I wonder why. Enjoyed your walk. No horses on mine.

  2. Five miles?? You must be in great shape. Envious, since I am not sure I could walk a mile. But those flowers are beautiful. It felt like we got to take the walk with you.

  3. Dr. K. Lee Banks

    Good for you to get out and walk, even in the heat! It has also been hot and humid in Maine, and with my asthma, I don't do well outside – and not a whole lot better inside, with no AC!

    I love your flower pics, especially the sunflowers – one of my favorite flowers!

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