Five blogs that I’ve enjoyed during the January challenge

I have enjoyed participating in this month’s Ultimate Blogging Challenge. I feel as if I have  benefited from the practice of blogging every day. At first, my opinion was that it would be hard for me to come up with ideas for each day’s post, even though prompts come with each day’s emails. Well, that has proven not to be the case. Not only have the prompts given me ideas, other bloggers have, as well. It has been interesting to read the stories that other bloggers share. I can, and I will, set a private blogging challenge for me. But having this connection to other bloggers has truly been the best part of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge. 

All of the blogs are wonderful. But, since I need to choose just five blogs, these are the five that I have chosen:

1. Your Power Your Health Karen is a personal health coach and a WomenHeart Champion Community Educator. She writes with a very easy conversational style about health from a holistic perspective. She is very encouraging and nonjudgmental. Reading her blog got me excited about working on my own health. She helps her readers to feel empowered about their own bodies.

2.Where do you want to go today? Yesterday, I mentioned my wanderlust and my urge to travel into the unknown. Doug is someone who has actually made that happen! He took a trip around the world! His blog is a delightful travelogue, with each post featuring interesting places from every continent on the Earth. The photographs are beautiful. When I grow up, I want to be you, Doug! You’re my Adventure King! And to quote Doug, “Blog on!”

3. Roy writes about a wide variety of subjects, from the scientific to the personal. His approach is always very thoughtful and insightful. And, one day, he even read his entire post out loud via the magic of video! His voice was great! He spoke with so much passion and knowledge. I look forward to reading Roy’s view of the world each day. Plus, he won my creative writing contest! 

4. The Martha Review. Martha brings such a joy for life to her blog, whether she’s talking about mouth-watering recipes (with photographs), exercise, her grandchildren, etc. It is really a delight to read her stories each day. She must have a magic touch because she managed to get an eighteen-month old kid to do her laundry for her, lol!!!

5. MaureenDurney,com Maureen writes about a wide variety of subjects, from travel to life in Australia. Yep. She lives there, and she probably has a few sets of suction cups to fit her shoes because, as we all know, Australia is upside down, and, if you don’t want to fall off of the Earth, you’ve got to wear suction cups on your shoes to hold you in place. Oh, wait. No people aren’t really upside down. Maybe pineapple cakes are, but people? Nah. But I digress. I truly enjoy reading Maureen’s stories and am happy that she has found her blogging niche.

4 thoughts on “Five blogs that I’ve enjoyed during the January challenge”

  1. Alice thank you for your kind words. I'm happy you've been inspired to take charge of your own health. You'll be happy you did.

  2. Where do you want to go today?

    Thank you, Alice, for the shout out. I am finding it easier to get the blogs done now that I have been doing them for a few years. I have enjoyed reading of your adventures too. We seem to be late owls in this blog so I often find you posting about the same time at the end of the day as I do. It is time for me to take another trip to get more material for another challenge.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! I love sharing my blogs and especially those about Lia! I'm so glad I stumbled onto this challenge back in January 2016, I have met the most wonderful, friendliest bloggers and friends! Plus you photos are so inviting to view! ?

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