Seeking the unknown

Today’s blogging prompt is all about talking about the theme song for my blog. I have to admit that my theme song changes constantly, depending on my musical tastes at the moment. Today, my musical tastes are all about a sense of wanderlust competing with an urge to stay in a familiar place. They are about opening myself up or being guarded. Who do I wish to be? 

Sometimes, I feel as if I have walked the same routes a few too many times. Everything feels sadly familiar, but no longer exciting. It is comforting to be close to family and friends. But I don’t have any new stories to share with them. At times like this, when I’ve run out of new stories, I feel my sense of wanderlust growing, along with my need to see different scenery. Along with the wanderlust comes the need to hear a different song. 

I heard that different song when I went with my friend Sarah and her family to see “Frozen 2” at the Regal Cinema at the Walden Galleria Mall, which is an adventure all by itself. It’s more like a city than a shopping mall. It’s big and it gleams, and there are lots of things to catch your eye, especially if you are attracted to shiny things, like I am, or if the world still feels new because you are four and six years old, like Sarah’s kids.

In a nearly empty movie theater, we sat on recliner seats, and we ate popcorn, and the screen was huge. It was very comfortable and a good place to get lost in music and animation and adventure. It was a very different experience for me than when I watched the original movie, “Frozen,” in an airplane! But, even on an airplane, I was transfixed by the animation and the music and the adventure.

In the sequel, it was the song, “Into the Unknown” that had the most to say to me. It was all about conflicting feelings. Do I stay in a place that feels familiar? What if the familiar place feels as if it is being threatened by a force that I alone can perceive? That was Elsa’s situation. She alone, with her special powers, could hear the siren’s song that was imperceptible to everyone else. She alone knew the danger that the siren song represented.

And everyone else included Elsa’s sister, Anna, a kind girl who loves Elsa so much that she is willing to follow her where ever she may go, even if she herself questions her sister’s judgment. 

So… my blog. And its connection to today’s theme song, “Into the Unknown.” I admit that it pulls me and that a part of me jumps at the chance to explore the unknown. Although I do not have the special powers that Elsa has, I am still drawn by the unknown. That I am simply an ordinary human doesn’t matter. I am a human with wanderlust and with a need to find stories to share. In this blog, I am hoping that, within the next few months, I will have stories of stepping out into places, which now feel as if they are calling with a siren song, as well as with the magic of the unknown. 

In the comment section below, talk about times that you have followed the siren’s call to explore the unknown.

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  1. I can't think of anything pulling me to the unknown but my favorite song is "Angels Amoung Us" sung by the Alabama band.

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