The flurry festival

Oh no! Where is the snow?

Today, I went to the Grand Island Welcome Center for the Flurry Festival.

The Snow Bears
were nowhere to
be seen today!

It was supposed to be a festival of snow, with a snowshoe hike and the construction of Snow Humans. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other ideas. She gave us rain, instead of snow. All of the snow she had previously gifted us with had melted away under that onslaught of rain and warmer than normal temperatures. Nevertheless, there was still plenty of fun to be had at the Flurry Festival.

Delicious chili,
courtesy of
The Village Inn.

There was food, courtesy of the Village Inn and of the lovely bakers from the Thompson & Son Farm. And I can’t forget about Jim Sniadeki’s delicious kettle corn. He offered taste tests of popcorn! Two flavors were offered today: kettle corn (which is that delightful combination of sweet and salty) and Buffalo chicken wings (which was very spicy so I chose not to taste test that one!). 

Inside the Taste NY store, the taste test that was offered was chili, made by the Village Inn, which is a lovely restaurant located near Beaver Island State Park. In fact, I had been in that restaurant earlier this afternoon to pick up a quart of their delicious corn chowder. The soups were being sold as a fundraiser for the Grand Island High School hockey team. Go Vikings!!

I made an A-frame
house with toothpicks
and miniature

The outdoor activities were canceled, due to a lack of snow, but there were still fun activities for kids of all ages.

This is my second structure,
made with those very same
building materials.
(Don’t you wish that
you could construct
everything with
toothpicks and
miniature marshmallows?)

And remember, growing older is inevitable, but growing up is optional. You can always retain that spirit for fun and that feeling that you are seeing your world for the first time. Which is true.

This is my version of a snow globe.

Every time you see a place, there are going to be changes from the previous time that you have last visited it.

Fun contest! You use a straw
to pick up a miniature
marshmallow, which
you place into a cup.
You have one minute
for the task!
Ready, set, go!!!!!

So you’re never too old to build a house with toothpicks and miniature marshmallows.

We got to make luminaries, with paper bags! This was a lot of fun with scissors and hole punchers. I chose a Valentine’s Day theme because that’s what is coming up next month! After we designed our paper bags, we put sand on the bottom and then added a battery operated candle. The luminaries were put outside after the sun set.

I hope that you’ve had a chance to have some fun lately. In the comment section, please share some of the fun activities that you have enjoyed recently.

This was my prize for
participating in the games!
Chocolate! Yummy!!!

2 thoughts on “The flurry festival”

  1. Where do you want to go today?

    I would love to have seen a picture of all the luminaries glowing in the dark.
    As for the flurries, have you tried McDonald's for a McFlurry?
    Blog on.

  2. Looks like you had a great time dispite the lack of snow. I love your marshmallow and toothpick creations and you are so right, growing up is option! ? Your prize looks delicious, congratulations!

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