F is for (what else???) food!

I am now in the ninth month of my 366-day photography project. I take pictures of just about everything in my environment. It’s been an interesting way to document my world. Today, I’m focusing on one of my favorite subjects for photography: food. Food is great fun to photograph because it is very colorful and has interesting shapes. Above, you’ll see a very large strawberry. I put a quarter next to it to emphasize the amazing size of the strawberry.
I like to cook and bake. I call it kitchen fun. This is a pineapple brownie and a bag of “cranberry pomegranate” tea. The tea was a special Christmas blend.
Here are some products of my home bakery.

These also came out of my home bakery.

Mmmm, cupcakes!

chocolate chip cookies.
Sometimes, I make applesauce, using a variety of apples. I like to put at least three different varieties of apples into my applesauce. 

Here is the applesauce.

Fruit is very attractive and quite colorful. Here, I have arranged a clementine tangerine and half of a navel orange on a plate.
Oranges from Florida.
Blood orange. The color is a very dramatic red, instead of the usual orange.

Apples of different sizes: a Lady Alice and an Empire apple, side by side. I am so happy that there is an apple named for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

This is a variety of navel orange, called a cara cara. The cara cara is a cultivar, a cross between a Washington navel and a Brazilian Bahia navel. Cara cara oranges, which are reddish in color, resemble blood oranges, but they are not related. The blood orange is not at all related the cara cara. Apparently, its origins are a mystery. Blood oranges are a little more tart than navel oranges.

Here is another mega strawberry, with a Valentine Snow Human.
This is a very cheesy garlic bread that I ate at the Village Inn in Grand Island.

My sister Vivian made this beautiful lasagna for my nephew James’ birthday.

This is the main course for my nephew’s birthday party.
Lentil soup.

Mmmm, wonton egg drop soup!

stuffed shells, prepared by the chefs of St. Stephen Roman Catholic Church in Grand Island.

This is my Cuban meal that I ate at the World Day of Prayer last month.
Cheese human and wooden snow humans.

This is almost too pretty to eat.

The PTA at Huth Road Elementary School prepared an appreciation luncheon for the teachers. Volunteers made a wide variety of pies for the teachers to enjoy.

The pies were very attractive.

The teachers enjoyed the lunch and all of the games that the PTA ran for them. It was a good opportunity for the teachers to relax and to be pampered and to see how appreciated they are.

Desserts at a Lenten luncheon

These cupcakes were sold at the bazaar at Huth Road Elementary School. They were quite delicious.

This was some sort of dessert that was put inside a ice cream cone. 
Here are some Hershey’s kisses, dressed in Easter colors.

This was the birthday cake for Sue. The Zumba class celebrated Sue’s birthday at the restaurant at Four Points (Sharaton) in Niagara Falls.

Mmmm, big, beautiful apples.

More desserts in an ice cream cone (another color and served at St. Martin in the Fields church on Easter).

Here are some more Easter yummies.

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  1. Oh, my gosh, you're making me hungry! That was an amazingly big strawberry. Which would go well with a slice of the vanilla pound cake I buy regularly at The Fresh Market.

  2. Oh those cupcakes look so good! But then everthing does, I could go for some lasagna now and can't wait for strawberry season to start next week,

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