Erie County Fair: the butterfly exhibit

Butterflies are amazing insects. My sister Diane and I had the chance to see many of them in a butterfly exhibit at the Erie County Fair.

Butterflies exist everywhere in the world, except for Antarctica.

Here are some interesting facts about butterflies:

  • they are insects
  • they have their taste receptors on their feet
  • they go through four stages in the lifecycle. They start off as an egg. Then, they go into their larval stage, which takes the form of a caterpillar. After that, they start the process of transformation. They go into their pupa stage, also called chrysalis. That’s when they wrap themselves in their cocoon. After that, they emerge from the cocoon as a butterfly.
  • butterflies have four wings that are brightly colored.
  • monarch butterflies migrate for a long distance south (sometimes more than 4,000 km). They produce a new generation of butterflies, which travel back north.
  • butterflies have taste receptors on their feet.
  • most butterflies feed on nectar from flowers.
  • it is estimated that there are between 15,000 and 20,000 species of butterflies.

2 thoughts on “Erie County Fair: the butterfly exhibit”

  1. I love seeing monarchs. My husband saw several on our zinnias the other day. I wish I was there to take their portrait. Loved yours.

  2. Hi, Alice! I looked for you in UBC when I posted there today, but didn't see you. I appreciate your links, though, 'cause that's how I found this post. Those butterfly pics are beautiful!!

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