Buffalo Garden Walk: statues and fountains

Some of the gardens that I visited in Buffalo had statues and fountains as elements.

These statues and fountains created atmosphere.

They gave the gardens a story. They made the garden feel like a secret and private place. 

In the midst of busy-ness, there was a quiet sanctuary.

The garden, no matter how large or how small, had become a magical getaway from the city in which the garden existed.

The garden felt like a refuge. It was delightful to be a visitor to these gardens. 

I am very thankful to the gardeners for opening up their private worlds for the weekend of the Garden Walk.

For discussion: What are some of your favorite places to go for a getaway? What types of places feel peaceful and relaxing for you. 

4 thoughts on “Buffalo Garden Walk: statues and fountains”

  1. Thanks for giving me a photo walk through the garden. It indeed is so refreshing and made me forget everything around me!
    My favourite gate way earlier used to be visiting the beach. But now that I stay quite away from it, I prefer wandering in busy lanes and by lanes of market place! The vibrant atmosphere there makes me feel energetic.

  2. I guess parks and gardens are my favourite go-to for relaxation too. I haven't come across such gorgeous sulcptures in too many of them out here.

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