Enjoying life on a deserted island?

Today, I am sharing a type of writing exercise. In this exercise, you imagine that you are living on a deserted island. Those of us who are less than thrilled with the result of the recent presidential election in the United States may have an urge to move to a deserted island. I have to admit that the idea is very tempting, especially if the island were lovely and tropical and the recipient of trade winds that keep the weather at a steady 75 degrees year round.

Before you get out a beach blanket and a colorful beverage decorated with a little umbrella, start thinking about what you want to bring to your wonderful, government-free island. Here is the catch. You can only bring five things to your island. I’ll make it a little easier. You can bring five categories of things to your island. I suggest that because, if you could only bring five individual objects to your island, you would have only food-related objects as in:
  1. cup
  2. fork
  3. spoon
  4. knife
  5. dish
So, let’s not be that austere. We’ll make categories so that you can do more than eat and drink. I’m not knocking eating and drinking. I truly love food and beverages. There are few things that are more satisfying than a delicious meal and a tasty beverage. But life is about adventure, exploration, and discovery, and food is just one part of the adventure.

Below are the lists of items that I would want to bring with me.

Art supplies. A deserted island would be a great place to do a series of paintings. Since my deserted island is lovely and tropical, there will be many scenes to paint, including beach scenes, trees, and maybe a lovely blue lagoon.  

Well, now that I mentioned the lovely blue lagoon, I’m going to need a bathing suit. I would truly enjoy swimming in that lagoon. If I want to get a bit greedy about stuff that I would need to enjoy a lovely blue lagoon, maybe some snorkeling gear would come in handy.

A good pair of waterproof hiking shoes will come in handy. There will be much to explore on this lovely tropical island. There will be interesting trees to see. On a tropical island, you might see these types of trees:

  • coconut palm. Just be careful when you walk under one of these trees because you never know when a heavy coconut might fall off and you don’t want to be the recipient of a direct strike.
  • breadfruit. This tree originated in the south Pacific. It is related to the mulberry and the jackfruit family. It is a flowering tree that produces an edible fruit that, when cooked, tastes like a potato.
  • flamboyant (delonix regia). This is an ornamental tree that is 30 to 45 feet tall and produces brown pods and scarlet flowers.
  • screw pine. It is a super leggy plant that looks totally goofy. It is a useful plant, however. It produces an edible fruit. The leaves can be woven into mats, baskets, and hut covers. The wood can be used to build houses.
  • other fruit trees: papaya, pineapple, banana, and mango. 

A good knife or axe, in case it is necessary to build a little house.

Last, but not least, utensils, a dish, a bowl, and probably a pot for cooking all of those magnificent tropical foods that are readily available on an adventurous walk. Not only are there wonderful fruits from trees to sample, there are also plants that produce: pumpkin, taro, sweet potato, and cassava, and noni fruit. For people who like to get a little drunk, you can produce an intoxicating beverage with the kava plant. It is described as tasting like earthy water.

Your turn! What five items (or categories of items) would you bring with you to a deserted island? 

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